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That sounds cool, haven’t tried that myself but been tempted a few times… This Instagram account use alot of effects for fluids etc. Might be useful for tips and tricks? :slight_smile:

That sounds cool, haven’t tried that myself but been tempted a few times… This Instagram account use alot of effects for fluids etc. Might be useful for tips and tricks?

Oh awesome, yeah that looks really neat and not too over-the-top, I’d like to achieve something like that, nice and subtle.

I’ve now finished painting the sneaky gits!

I also finished basing them all too - I’m still waiting for the movement tray I need so once I’ve got that and the materials for the poision effect then I’ll take some group pics!


Today was a very good post day!

5 Hobgoblin Wolf Riders arrived! In near perfect condition too! That now brings my total to 7. I still need to try find one more regular rider, along with a standard bearer and a musician - I am looking out for these so if you happen to have them let me know. These will bring some much needed versatility and speed to my army, and I’m very excited to try them out. That said, I won’t be painting these until I have all 10 models needed. Super chuffed to have gotten so many in one go considering how hard to come by these can be.


Uhhh, Christmas came early this year, congrats!

Great finds, its pretty cool that you still are able to find these unpainted out there… :slight_smile:

“I stand here, atop the Ziggurat of Zharr-Naggrund, the Place of Fire and Desolation. From where I stand, I can gaze across the plains of Zharrduk, and what I see is pleasing to my eyes.
It is forever Dark under the sun here in the heart of the world. The smell of sulphur and of burning oil fills the air. The cracking of whips and the wailing of slaves drowns out the clatter of machinery.
This is the future. One day Hashut, the Father of Darkness, shall rise from his slumber, and trample the world beneath his brazen hooves. The dead shall outnumber the living, and those that remain shall be dragged in chains to the pits of Zharr to toil for the greater glory of Hashut.
And all will be blessed Darkness.”

Today I finished my Astragoth model! This is the first Chaos Dwarf I’ve painted in a few months now that I’ve finished painting the Hobgoblins. Given he’s a special character I really wanted to do him justice, and I struggled with it - there’s a lot of metallics on the model that I didn’t want to detract from the bold colour scheme. After a while tho I settled down and I’ve tried painting him to the best of my abilities. Overall I’m pretty happy with it, considering my doubt, I think I got a nice balance between the clothing and the metal framework. Sadly he doesn’t have any official rules in 6th so he’ll be used as a Sorcerer!

Praise Hashut! Father of Darkness!


Lovely! You’ve indeed done him justice… :slight_smile:
He’s one of my all time favorite characters for WFB.

Praise Hashut :point_left:t2:

I think you definitely did strike that balance you were looking for, it’s actually quite a complicated model for its size with a lot going on so well done :+1:t2::vulcan_salute:t2:

Thanks both! I’m really pleased with him, and had a lot of nice feedback which feels good.

Managed to score a few more hobgoblin wolf riders yesterday too! I just need 1 more regular wolf rider to complete my squad of 10. I also managed to get to of the Archer wolf riders!

I am in need of some wolves though, if anyone has any spare please let me know!

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Regular wolves? Might have a few since I didn’t use mine for my Ooglah Khan’s Hobgoblin Wolf boys. I’ll check the boxes ^^

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Ohhh if you could look yea! It is just regular ones I need :slight_smile:

I have enough parts for 9 wolves, some on sprue and some partly built.

@denelian5 will drop you a PM.

I struggled with Motivation for painting this week, but had a burst of it yesterday and finished this Blunderbuss. Trying to increase my rank to 3 so I can get that S5 hit in 6th edition.

It feels nice to paint Chaos Dwarfs again, although they’re a lot more time consuming to paint - not that thats necessarily a bad thing mind, yesterday I started listening to the Eisenhorn audiobooks again, and did about 2.5 hours painting to finish up this model and really enjoyed it.

Its been so long since I painted blunderbuss I couldn’t remember what I had done last time. The gun barrel itself is a mix of P3 Exile Blue and P3 Thamar Black, and I was using a model I had painted about a year ago as a reference point. Whilst I was finishing up this model, it got me thinking about my progress on the last year. Left hand is old, right is the new model I finished last night.

Just feels a little crisper if nothing else.


Looks great! And remember painting should be fun, no need to rush/force it unless its for a Golden Hat! :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, seeing this latest CD I just thought to that your painting had improved alot since I first noticed your stuff on Instagram. Well done, and as always thanks for sharing!

Game wise S5 is the way to go as well IMO!


I feel you, I find Chaos Dwarf infantry one of the most time consuming to paint. Lots of little arrows and details which really take up time when you are trying to churn through big blocks of them.

Everything looks lovely though :slight_smile:


Agreed :point_up_2:t2:

I’m with you on the ‘how did I paint that?’, so many times I have a break between minis and the colours used just goes out of my head :grin:
My brother bought me Recipe book for Christmas one year, but instead of food I tracked my painting recipes in there so it’s easier to come back to, it’s been really handy.
Looking great btw, definite improvement and both look really well done :+1:t2:


Thanks all! Yeah I always think how I should write my recipes down - but then I think how I know things like the red armour and blue hats off by heart so its fine? - And forget about things like the guns aha.

:joy: yep, there’s always something that goes from the mind :man_shrugging:t2: usually a couple of things with mine :unamused:

A painting recipe book is a must, especially for me who tend to jump between projects. Or expand on stuff a few months/year later. You can never go wrong with writing your recipes down! :slight_smile: