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This weekend I took some army pics of my Chaos Dwarfs that I’ve been working on since early 2018. These are my finished models (as I’m writing this I realise I forgot to take pics of my Lammasu!) and I decided to write my thoughts. Excuse the bad pics, I’m great with Analog cameras, not so great with DSLRs!

Its a real labour of love working on this army. I’m an incredibly slow painter (I’d say my average time for painting a regular warrior is about 1.5 weeks per model!!) but its really pleasing to see it all coming together. Even as a young teen (I’m 29 now) I remember seeing about these old oop models and was just fascinated by them and bought one or two warriors off ebay. Just everything about them was awesome and I fell in love them. Eventually though, as I got a little older I grew out of the hobby, gave my models away to friends at the wargaming club I used to be part of, and that was that. I started getting back into Games Workshop stuff in 2017 and didn’t really know what I was doing. Having not paid any attention to the hobby for over a decade I was obviously really confused to see AoS and Primaris marines. I bought some space marines just to try some painting again, but I didn’t really identify with 40k, and I didn’t really like the look of AoS models. I googled the old big hat Chaos Dwarfs I remembered as a teen and man it all just came flooding back. I knew I had to collect some! I didn’t know how I was going to game with them, but I knew atleast I wanted to get some to paint and have on display.

I started off buying a few odd warriors and painted up a few in differing styles as I didn’t really know what I wanted to achieve, or how to do it. After a while though I finally painted up the sorcerer in bright bold colours and decided to settle on the scheme. It was similar to the original 'eavy metal scheme of the 90s without being too oldhammer (not that thats a bad thing mind!). From there I stuck to the formula and started painting what I had, whilst picking up a few more warriors and blunderbuss here and there. Simultaneously I started researching the period of when I was first into warhammer and (re)discovered 6th edition. The nostalgia got me hooked again and I started buying 6th edition rulebooks, white dwarf issues etc. A plan was forming in my mind - to build up my chaos dwarfs and have some games of 6th edition! I was stoked to find things like CDO, but also groups on facebook like Middlehammer and Warhammer Fantasy Battle 6th Edition where I could chat with other people also into the same era of hobby as me. By this point now I had a whole bunch of warriors, blunderbuss, a death rocket and even a centaur or two, and really started buying into the army as a serious collector.

Fast forward to 2020! I now have quite a nice army, though I still need to get more models - almost doubling it actually. I’ve had 2 games of 6th edition (1 draw, 1 major loss) at Warhammer World in Nottingham, and had loads of fun. I’m hoping to relocate to Nottingham this year so it’ll be a lot easier for me to have games at WW and maybe establish some kind of Middlehammer gaming club. I’m at Warhammer World quite often so if anyone is ever about, give us a shout and lets grab a pint!

Personally Its really nice to see how far I’ve come with my painting. For example, the Sorcerer I painted in early 2018 and is probably the first model where I was SO proud of what I’d done - whereas when I compare the standard of painting to the Hobgoblin Warrior Champion (which I finished a week or 2 ago) I think there’s a massive improvement. I still feel I can improve in so many areas, and I also think these photos are great at picking out all the faults of my painting - and ultimately they’re all just block primary colours, there’s no “advanced” painting techniques on display here - but thats ok, because I’m still really chuffed with them!

I still have a way to go until I say the army is complete. I don’t really have a points-goal in mind, but I’d like to have enough units to feasibly swap around in an army list. I still ideally need to get:

  • Hobgoblin Axe Wolf Riders
  • Hobgoblin Archer Wolf Riders
  • 10 more Hobgoblin Warriors
  • 10 more Hobgoblin Archers
  • 20 more CD Warriors
  • 20 more CD Blunderbuss

I’m trying to stick to all original GW models - there’s loads of great alternatives from 3rd parties that still have the big hat Babylonian aesthetics, but for me its just what I’d like to do - although I’d LOVE the Bezhukk the Immortal model from Ravenswood art.

Thats pretty much my goal then to be honest - carry on building and painting up the army, and get some regular games in!

I’m on instagram as @filmdegminiatures which is pretty much for progress on my CDs but theres also lots of 6th edition love there.

So below you’ll find army pics! As I said, I’m not great with a DSLR so some of the pics aren’t great, but you get the idea none the less!

  1. Chaos Dwarf Warriors

  2. Chaos Dwarf Blunderbuss

  3. Chaos Dwarf Bull Centaurs

  4. Chaos Dwarf Warriors

  5. Chaos Dwarf Lord on Great Taurus

  6. Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer

  7. Chaos Dwarf Hero

  8. Chaos Dwarf Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher

  9. Chaos Dwarf Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher

  10. Chaos Dwarf Earthshaker

  11. Hobgoblin Archers

  12. Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower

  13. Hobgoblin Warriors

  14. Astragoth - High Priest of Hashut

  15. Hobgoblin Wolf Riders

  16. Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer on Lammasu

Praise Hashut! Father of Darkness!


Here are some of my more recent Chaos Dwarfs warriors. I was so incredibly proud especially of the standard bearer and the champion (although the drummer looks like he has seen some crazy shit aha) and really happy with how the unit turned out as a whole. By this time my painting confidence had grown lots and compared to my other unit of warriors, there’s a stark improvement.


Here are my Blunderbuss! I always loved the idea of a blunderbuss when I was a young teen and first heard of Chaos Dwarfs. I was really happy with these overall, even though there were points where I really struggled with painting some of the finer details, and I never did anything with the gun barrels yet. I spent ages trying to figure out how to paint the gun barrels - I found metallic looked too messy, and wood look too dull, and eventually settled on this off-black colour after trial and error.


My Bull Centaurs were actually some of the first models I painted. In hindsight now I wish I had left them till I was better at painting. I’m happy enough with them and tbh I’ll probably leave them as they are, but I think there are a lot of messy parts to them and things I could definitely improve upon. I have the intention of adding a 2nd weapon (hammer/axe) to the centaur in the middle and use him as a champion/hero.


Here is my other unit of Chaos Dwarf Warriors. These were painted first before the other unit, and I think when you compare the two, there is a big improvement in my painting - These ones are missing some areas and highlights that I’ve covered in the “newer” unit. That said, I’m still really chuffed with the champion in this unit.


Chaos Dwarf Lord on Great Taurus! Man I love this model! It was really hard to source, and I ended up having to buy the Taurus in parts from multiple different sellers. I found it was quite quick to paint overall, maybe my paintjob is a little plain. It was actually the first time I tried blending (by myself) where you can see it on the snout of the bull. I was really proud of the rider though, especially his helmet!


Where my army painting began - The Sorcerer. This was one of the first models I painted and I was SO proud of what I’d achieved. It was neat, coherent and had a kick ass colour scheme that I was going to use. Looking at it now I can see so many things I could improve upon, but I don’t think I’ll ever repaint this one, just as a nod to my former self! Maybe one day I’ll buy a duplicate model and paint it up, and have this one on my desk. Sadly no banner pole for this model, still need to source one!


I’m really happy with this Chaos Dwarf Hero - I spent ages trying to get the blue/red pattern on the helmet looking the way it does, and I’m still incredibly proud of that. My girlfriend helped me with the blending on the fire on his helmet - this was something I’d never done before, and she nailed it pretty much first time, so its also a special model for me in that its something we painted together. I’ve yet to add banners to him, I haven’t decided what ones to use yet!


This is my first Chaos Dwarf Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher. I decided to be brave and try some freehand. I wrote “hashut!” on the barrel and, you know, its legible atleast! I always think about going over it and writing something more menacing or antagonizing, but it’ll do for now.


My other Chaos Dwarf Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher! I painted this one almost immediately after the 1st one, and decided to do some more freehand. The missile says “To Karl-Franz” - something menacing and I’ve seen old war photos where troops had written similar messages to their adversaries.


The mighty Earthshaker! One of the most iconic Warhammer models for me. The lead-crew member was painted around the same time as the Sorcerer, and will probably get the same treatment in that I might keep him the way he is for nostalgias sake.


Hobgoblins! It wouldn’t be a Chaos Dwarfs army without Hobgoblins! This is my Hobgoblin Archer regiment. It took me a little while to adjust to painting them, although really the only differences being the skin colour and cloth rags, I found it a little unnerving at first and struggled to decide how to keep them in the same vein as my Chaos Dwarfs, but also keep them unique as a separate race.


The Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower! The Bolt Thrower itself is a bit basic, but I guess it matches the Hobgob aesthetic of being basic! I was really pleased with how the crew turned out though, especially the blue helmet.


Hobgoblin Warriors! As of April 2020 these are the most recent models I finished for the army. The champion is one of my favourite Hobgoblin sculpts and I’m really proud of how he turned out! I also really like the banner on these guys, despite messing it up a bit!


Looking really good with that beautiful and accurately styled old school paint scheme! Very well done!

Wonderful blog, the way it should be done. :slight_smile:

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Looks great! Love your colour scheme and paintjob. It really gets the best out of these wonderful sculpts!

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Such a beautiful army!
You really deserve those Hobgoblins Wolf Riders you’re looking for. :+1:
And we deserve a nice shot of the whole army :wink:

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Thanks for the comments everyone! I started painting my Sneaky Gits this last week, although I haven’t got much done so far as I’m bogged down with work, but planning a nice painting spree this weekend!

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I started working on my next unit - Sneaky Gits!

I intended on doing the cloaks like Nightgoblins, but still wanted to fit them with my Army. The bright colours make them not so sneaky, but Hobgoblins are sneaky by nature to make up for it!

I tried some uhhh Edge Highlighting on the cloak, which isn’t something I’ve really done elsewhere in the army, I think it works ok. I’ve struggled to achieve the effect I want with the daggers - As they’re poisonous weapons, I wanted to reflect that on the model itself, but so far everything I’ve tried just looked too shit and clunky, or made the weapon look more magical than poisonous. I’m intending to order some resin and uv light from green stuff world and try like a small dripping poison effect. Thats sort of on hold for the moment though given the current state of things. For now I’ll atleast try paint the rest of the unit to this level.