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When working with Greenstuff patience is your best friend, and remember that you can always redo it. Once its cured it can easily be peeled of and you can have another go. Ive had to do that sooo many times. :stuck_out_tongue:
The best thing with sculpting IMO is that you can fairly quick see progress in skill and how you tackle new projects!


Yea definitely. I think on the day I was just feeling really deflated and lost my patience. I’ve never been any good with GS, but I’ve never sat down and spent dedicated time to try learn, which I should do.

My friend has made a start on the model for me, it’s a hell of a lot better than my attempt aha!

He’s going to neaten it up a little and sculpt some rags on the forearm before sending it back to me. I’m still away for most of the week, can’t wait to get back into painting next week!


A long week of moving stuff into storage, but I’m back home now and enjoyed some nice painting time the last few days. Last night I got my wolf rider musician finished.

Really happy with the conversion, which was sculpted in the end by my friend Joseph, who has an awesome Empire army I highly suggest checking out:


Great conversion, nice to have friends like that :grin::+1:t2: great empire army too

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The conversion looks great! As do your friends Empire army… :slight_smile:

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Having finished the standard bearer last night, I’ve now completed my Hobgoblin Wolf Riders! I was fortunate enough to get all 10 models over the course of a few months earlier this year, and then I started working on them in September. They were really fun to paint, and I find them a lot easier than the Chaos Dwarfs.

I’m really happy with how they look, and can’t wait to give them a try in a game. Looking forward to inevitably rolling 1s on the animosity test!


Really happy for you, that you got this super nice unit done. Congrats!

I feel we need another army shot soon :wink:

Its on my to do list :sweat_smile:
To be honest, I figured now I’ll just wait until I’ve “finished” my army. Currently left to paint:

  • 5 Hobgoblin Warriors

  • 10 Chaos Dwarf Warriors

  • Chaos Dwarf mounted sorcerer

  • 3 Earthshaker crew

I also need to get myself a nice backdrop, and maybe once lockdown is lifted I could do some photos at a hobby store/warhammer world and make use of some nice scenery!


Great stuff @Filmdeg - loving the progress in this army. Unit looks class

Oh nice, metal or plastic warriors?

Thanks dude!

All metal baby :sunglasses: the only plastic model I have for the army is the WW exclusive daemonsmith, which I’ve also yet to paint, and is more just for collectors sake rather than fielding in a game.


Oh yeah! i saw your pics many times on Instagram!
Very fond of the use of Olgah Khan Horn for the musician!
One day i will find some hobs wolf eider, but as aragorn said, it is not this day.

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Well, I’m now back in Wales for the foreseeable future. The last few weeks have been a bit savage, just with losing my job and moving out of my flat, and being separated from my fiance for a little while. I did about 1000 miles driving all in over the last week, and also had to contend with the pipes in my flat flooding the flat below the night before I was moving out! Thankfully (for me) it looks like it was a fault with the building rather than anything I had done…

With that all said, its nice to kinda have a few days relaxing and I am able to start painting again.

Transporting my army has always been something I’ve neglected and ofcourse when it came to me driving them all the way down to wales I was ill prepared. Thankfully the only damage was one shield had broken off. I got myself the Feldherr Maxi Bag and have to say I’m really chuffed with it. The quality is really great all around, and also their customer service is really good as I did have a bunch of questions and they were super helpful.

I did some painting for the first time today in about a week and a half, which felt nice. I actually “finished” this hobgoblin warrior I started this morning, although rather annoyingly I only just discovered that I’m missing the transfers I need for my remaining hobgoblins.

Since I wrote that last paragraph ^^ I’ve had two people who are CD collectors message me and offer to send me the transfers I need, which is absolutely awesome. Huge shout out to Tabletoptoad and Warhammersoldworld for saving the day!


Things have still been a bit hectic, but I did finish the Hobgoblin warrior from above ^^

(Looks like Instagram links aren’t working still)

4 more to go!


I hope everyone had a good xmas! My time has been split between Milford Haven and Nottingham, and I managed to visit some more castles for my Welsh Castles Project, though I’ve not developed the film yet.

I managed to finish off another rank of Hobgoblin Warriors, so I’ve now got 15 in total! Here’s the most recent 5 together.

And then here’s all 15 together:

I’d love to get another 5, so I can field 20, but that’s a pipe dream for now. I am really happy with how they look as a regiment, they have a nice pop to them that matches well with the rest of my army.

Up next is finishing off the sorcerer for my Lammasu!


Just posting this WIP on my Sorcerer rider for the Lammasu. This model has been a long time coming - I painted the Lammasu itself about 2 years ago now, and did make a start on the sorcerer at the time, but I was really unhappy with how it was going, so stripped it and shelved it for a later date.

Still got some way to go on it, but going alright so far!


Going better than alright mate, looking great in those bold colours, have you got the banners to go on him too?

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I do yea, just some of the printed High-Res ones! Though annoyingly at somepoint in the past I’ve put his banner poles (with the lightning bolts on top) on a Hero, instead of the banner poles with the bulls head on top, so will be swapping those over at some point…

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Just having a bit of a sulk…

I’m still working on my Sorcerer, and really want to try make him standout. I was looking at whiskeyandwizards Teclis model (seriously, he’s done an awesome job) and thought "oh! I should do a Galaxy/Star/Nebula pattern on my sorcerer’s hat - thats what a proper wizard has.

What a nightmare. I spent a few hours this evening, this was about my 4th attempt and fuck me its made me realise the massive gulf in class.

I’ve been painting for about 3/4 years now, but in that time I haven’t really learned any techniques - I paint in block colours. No wet blending or using a wet palette, no crazy level of details etc. Its made me feel pretty crud (not so much comparing myself to other painters, more the fact I just feel very very basic). I had found this reddit post on painting galaxies which looks absolutely incredible, and he has a (what I thought to be) easy to follow tutorial, but even at that I’ve obviously gone off tangent and ended up with this mess.

I dunno. I’m half tempted to just say fuck it, paint it bronze and be done with it. I’ll try again tomorrow but I’m not expecting anything different :06:


You’re being too hard on yourself. Besides, don’t compare yourself to pro painters, that’s just setting yourself up to feel bad about things.

Leave it as is, and over the next few years try doing a star field on other minis now and again. In a couple of years you’ll look at your latest effort then back at this one and feel good about how far you’ve gone in that time.