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If you’re a Backstager over on BoW/OTT then check out a segment they did a couple of weeks ago on using UHU glue to create liquid effects (blood, drool, etc). Should work well for poison dripping off the blades. :wink:

Failing that, maybe try a wash of green or purple along the edge of the blades to imply poisons.

Whats BoW/OTT? I had seen this tutorial on youtube and whilst the effect is quite exaggerated there, I think maybe a very small little drip coming off the blade could be achieved the same way, and hopefully look effective without look silly, comedic or overkill.

I had tried a wash along the edge, but it either just didn’t give it enough ooomf, or made it look like a magical weapon instead. Maybe its my execution, i just couldn’t pull it off.

Here’s my 2nd Sneaky Git “Finished” this evening - the other one I actually did about a week ago.

Like everything I do, a little messy but :man_shrugging:


Beasts of War/On TableTop:

If you are going to try using a thinned green or purple wash on the blade, also get some Blue-Tac. Do each blade on a model individually and Blue-Tac the model so that the thinned, and quite runny wash, is angled downwards and will coat the blade thicker on the edge and the point.

And I found that a thinned wash of Codex Grey over black robes can look quite good

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Neat palette! A fine force. :slight_smile:

Thanks @Admiral!

@Abecedar - Oh thats a good shout actually, I’ll give that a try.

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Had this arrive in the post today!

It didn’t cost £3…

My first wolf rider tho! Considering how hard they are to find online, I was stoked with getting this one. Hopefully won’t have to wait so long till I get the next one.


The first fix I “free”… :wink:

Next Sneaky Git “Finished”


Nice, great take on some classic minis :+1:t2:

I had a bit of a painting break recently but started up again today! These were 2 hobgoblin sneaky gits I’d “finished” before my break.

5/10 done so far!


Halfway there, looking great… for greenskins that is :wink::grin:

Thanks @GhraskDragh :grin:

Good job on the dark but striking paint scheme for these!

Cheers @Jackswift!

I’ve now nearly completed the sneaky gits. This is number 9/10 done.

They all still need basing which I’ll do next, and I still would look to try adding a dripping poison effect, but will have to wait until I have the materials.


These will look great on those snowy bases!

That sounds cool, haven’t tried that myself but been tempted a few times… This Instagram account use alot of effects for fluids etc. Might be useful for tips and tricks? :slight_smile:

That sounds cool, haven’t tried that myself but been tempted a few times… This Instagram account use alot of effects for fluids etc. Might be useful for tips and tricks?

Oh awesome, yeah that looks really neat and not too over-the-top, I’d like to achieve something like that, nice and subtle.

I’ve now finished painting the sneaky gits!

I also finished basing them all too - I’m still waiting for the movement tray I need so once I’ve got that and the materials for the poision effect then I’ll take some group pics!


Today was a very good post day!

5 Hobgoblin Wolf Riders arrived! In near perfect condition too! That now brings my total to 7. I still need to try find one more regular rider, along with a standard bearer and a musician - I am looking out for these so if you happen to have them let me know. These will bring some much needed versatility and speed to my army, and I’m very excited to try them out. That said, I won’t be painting these until I have all 10 models needed. Super chuffed to have gotten so many in one go considering how hard to come by these can be.


Uhhh, Christmas came early this year, congrats!