Fire & Hatred! My 15mm Chaos Dwarf Army

Hello All,
This is my first time posting to a forum like this so, I hope I get it right. First of all I want to thank Matte & Tjub. We are all a part of a niche of a fringe hobby within a fringe hobby. We are united here in our disappointment of being introduced to an interesting topic only to have it not be supported! I am thankful to Matte & Tjub for giving me a 15mm way to pursue my interest in Chaos Dwarfs.

These are my Special Characters


These look amazing! Great job and welcome aboard :+1:t2::vulcan_salute:t2:


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Welcome! :16: Lovely characters, I especially like the Lamassu. Looking forward to seeing more 15mm goodness from you!


Cool stuff! :26: I`m eager to see more of it!

Wow, its so cool to see these miniatures geting used for peoples projects, love it! :slight_smile:
Both monsters looks great, as do Astragoth. Especially like the banners you added. Really looking forward to more…

What rules do you use for them btw?

Very cool! Smart mounts. They worked a lot better for 15mm than I could ever have imagined. Neat palette as well.

By the way, this will be a monstrously large army, @tjub. A rival to @Duncan’s mayhap? :wink:

I use homegrown rules. I made them up for historical and then successfully used them for 15mm Tolkien battles. I am in the process of applying stats for WFB lists. I am sort of building the plane while I am flying the plane. I call it God of War.


Okay, so here is my artillery for my army.

4x Earthshaker Cannons, 10x Deathrockets, 8x Hobgoblin bolt throwers & 1x Demonsmith (com).

I am especially pleased with the Earthshakers.

I am almost done my missile troops. I should have them posted in a few days. Enjoy!


Wow… This is a bonkers army. Thats enough artillery to flatten any enemy I would assume! Is that the old school 28mm Earth Shakers? They blend in great with the Tjublings, cant stress enough how much this motivates me to get working on my own 15mm again. :slight_smile:
Great choice of colors and use of characters etc to fill out as extra crew! But regarding the rockets, I have to quote Everyday Astronaut to keep the pointy end up and flame end down! :wink:


Ooooft absolutely love these! Are these regular sized Earthshakers? They look incredible aha!

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They are indeed. I love these models but I always thought they were a little small for 28mm. I use the Chaos Hellcannon for 28mm and I am going to use these for the 15mm battles. Although, I did mount the “igniter” with magnets and the cannon itself is not glued to the base, so I left myself options. Thanks!


-Okay, first of all, I am not telling those Ogres anything. They are already threatening to unionize and the high priests will never approve that budget. The engineers have 2-3 inches to get them straightened out.
-They are indeed the 28mm Earthshakers. I magnetized the ignition engineers and did not glue the cannon to the base in order to keep them versatile.
-Thank you! Inspiring the sculptor to paint is a big compliment and I appreciate it!
-The hat colors signify branch & rank.


Here are my missile troops for my army:
4x Blunderbuss units
12x Hobgoblins Archers


I still need to playtest, but right now I am thinking of keeping them as standard regiments (80mm). I toyed with the idea of using them as small (40mm) but I do not think that would be an effective enough fire zone.


The Hobgoblins archers are small skirmishers. In addition to shooting they can provide support in c.c. to the mostly heavy infantry of the army.

Next up will be my “special forces” units. Then on to my beloved bull centaurs!


Brilliant! That sure look like one well defended area… :slight_smile:

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Great artillery park, and beautiful massed regiments! Really inspiring. I like how you use the hobgob archers in small skirmish packs.

i want to add to everython’es praise and credit you for the effort you’ve put in at 15mm, to paint teeth and pupils is beyond me!

Thank you! To be honest, I only attempt eyes on 15mm. Whenever I tried eyes for 28mm it always came off like googely muppet eyes. I find that 15mm is far more forgiving! Same was true for shields. I have to do transfers for 28s, but I free-handed all of my Roman, Greek & Etruscan 15 mm shields. I just freehanded the shields for my Chaos Dwarf Obsidian Guards units which I hope to have posted by the weekend.

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Okay, so I just finished flocking last night. Here are the special forces for my army: