Fire & Hatred! My 15mm Chaos Dwarf Army

7x Bases of Sneaky Gits as Lt. Infantry Skirmish Units and 1x Sneaky Git hero (master assassin).


AND the Dreaded Obsidian Guard led by Rykarth the Unbreakable. I normally do 3 ranks deep for heavy & medium Infantry. However, I wanted to distinguish the Obsidian Guard as Super Heavies and so I gave them 4 ranks. Ranks do not matter as much in my rules as does the frontage. So as long as I maintain 80mm frontage for a standard size unit, I have some leverage for ascetics.

Now onto my Bull Centaurs!
This will take me me a little longer to do so don’t forget me!


These are great, love everything about them! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
…even the density of the troops.


Marvellous massed rank sight! A wargamer’s dream coming true. Great colour choices for the special forces! I really like that the CD legions have Hobgoblin auxilliary skirmishers attached to them. Love everything here, not least the density of the Chaos Dwarf regiments. :16:

…and I’m not just saying that because you bought them off us Swedes. :03:

I really look forward to see how this army turns out! Especially how it will look with colour-coded contingents. An impressive task ahead, being chewed through at good speed. Keep it up, man!


My all time favorite models for Chaos Dwarfs has always been the Bull Centaurs. When GW went to Ravening Hordes, I remember the only good thing was them beefing up the BCs to Super Heavy Cavalry. I ran two units of 20x with a BC Lord in one and a BC hero in the other. They were more than a match for any opposing unit and I’m afraid encouraged gamers in my area to rejoice when the “Great Betrayal” finally happened with 6th Edition.

Here is my full force of Bull Centaurs available for my progressing 15mm Chaos Dwarf Army:
5x Lords, 9x Heroes, 9x Units.

1x Bull Centaur Unit & 1 Hero

BC Lord = Gargath the Infernal

BC Lord= Barukh the Indomitable

BC Lord= H’thark the Unstoppable (nod to my old Bloodbowl Conversion)

BC Lord= Zhrazak the Enslaver

BC Lord= Taur 'Ruk the Executioner I converted an executioner axe for him.

Now onto my core units of Chaos Dwarf Infantry. This will again take me awhile so don’t forget me!


Glorious!!! :icon1:

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Thats bonkers… Love it, thats how I hope my army will look some day. Seriously thats an insane amount of Bull Centaurs, such a cool horde effect! :skull1:


That was always the appeal of 15mm to me. It just looked grander on the table. I could have just as many 28mm units and it would be cluttered and sloppy. I always like the look of Warmaster, but anything smaller that 15mm is too small for me to paint. I always thought you could do the Sieges of Praag, Altdorf, Middenheim or Blackfire Pass in 15mm that it would look representative of an epic battle but also be playable as a game for maneuver and counter-maneuver.


Of course when I get done with my Chaos Dwarfs, I need to do enemies to fight them. I already have Kislev and Ogre Kingdoms pretty much laid out to paint (working out the kinks on the OKs). I am going to also do up a force of Orcs & Goblins. I plan to do some epic battles in the Badlands.

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Same here, done some historical wargaming of the Great Northern War but 10 mm was just not fun to paint… Where 15mm you can paint much like 28mm IMO. :slight_smile:

Oh, cool! Please share them as well once you get to them… Sounds like an epic project! :smiley:

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@Commodorelmv I’ve only just caught up with this blog. Wow! What an absolute terrific force. The possibilities at this scale are endless! This army looks great mate - well done


For gaming I agree and can’t wait. I must say I am finding it difficult to make conversions. There really are not extra “bitz” for 15mm. I think I need to get over the guilt of buying a complete 15mm figure to just use the weapon or head to add to a conversion for something else. As a long time gamer, the “waste” aspect of this repulses me.
Thanks for the positive feedback btw!

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Amazing tiny army! Compliments!

Thank you!

Jupp, that’s what I have done as well… Both for fantasy and historical, head swaps etc usually waste a miniature.