Free off scale printed models giveaway

Hey all,

I have some models that are printed too big or too small that I can’t use for anything else.

Maybe one of you guys wants them since you play other scales and are just a creative bunch.

If you want them, or some of them you can have them just pay for shipping.

The lone dwarf in the upper picture is for reference. He’s part of the mortar crew, so the “right” scale for warhammer.

He’s also not part of the deal :slight_smile:

Lastly, the 4 blunderbus dwarfs are missing 1 arm. It failed to print, but I did not bother to print another one since they are baby dwarfs in 28mm.


Oh, I also have 32 of those blunderbus models that are too big to put on 20mm bases. I’m also willing to trade or give these away. They are more or less 32mm scale and would fit perfectly on 25mm bases, or maybe something with multi model bases would work too


Hey Michael, did someone already take you up on this?

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Nope all still here

Happy to pay postage for these. Going to turn them into statues


Where to?

Also, all models?

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