Halgar Hellgaze's Doomseekers [2022-03-015] GH XXXVIII

I hope you guys don’t mind the spam…

The wolf’s “not so” quickshade is dry enough for me to dare assemble them without fear of them sticking together…

I present to you, the completed unit.


No spam here @MichaelX - just quality content. Keep us updated and shame us all with your ridiculously high output! Haha :joy:

Looking great man - thoroughly enjoying this project


If this is spam, then spam on all you like. :wink:

It’s looking real good! I particularly like the colour variation on the wolves’ fur. It adds life to them.

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It’s what I was going for. I want consistency in this army but not copy paste models. The wolf riders have only 3 poses so everything helps to make them look more unique.

I have to say this forum is a great motivator! Thanks for the encouragement!

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The finest spam I ever did see.

Quality photos of quality models given a quality paintjob says quality content to me :slight_smile: in fact, even though there’s been a bunch more pics et al, I’ma be the guy that says we need more :wink:

(Even if it ends up being 400+ Skaven :stuck_out_tongue: )

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So, I went along and flagged your post as spam :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I actually don’t know what happens now, I guess a council of elders will clear you here. Then you have it official :grimacing::+1:

Awesome work, excited to see this progress


So, the ancient law has been consulted… and its settled, once and for all.


:joy: hilarious

@MichaelX this is a fine collection of prints you have, fair play mate these are looking amazing.

My favourite so far though is the hobgoblin with the huge axe and executioner mask :+1:t2::vulcan_salute:t2:

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Hahahaha @Jasko - thought you were joking :joy::see_no_evil:


What? So you think me weak? Careful, or that’s a spam-flag for you right away :smiling_imp:


Well… since the council of elders deemed my posts “not spam” here’s more…


Also this…

A bull centaur taur’ruk or well, a champion in a command or whatever.

And since he seems well liked… here’s the hobgoblin Khan on his base all done.


Great stuff - the centaur is class. What company is his file from?

Lost kingdom miniatures. It was in their june release on patreon, but its now for sale in their webshop. Its part of a command group.

Link to the files.

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I’ve got my bases covered tonight…


Next batch ready for paint. This might take a little longer die to potentially 2 painting contests and the detail on these guys…


This productivity is next level. Filling me with all kinds of shame haha

Great stuff - look forward to seeing some colour on them

Well… to be fair… I did not touch a brush all year, until about a month ago… :slight_smile:

funnily enough around the time my second daughter was born. I should have less time to paint but 2 kids apparently made me appreciate me time more :relaxed:


Mate when my daughter was born year and a half ago is when my hobby exploded too!

It’s also the time I stopped writing - used to be a semi successful spoken word artist (if by semi you mean not very haha) so you could read into it as a) I’ve replaced one creative outlet for another or b) I’ve got decent sized responsibilities to hide from now haha :joy:


This is amazing work, a joy to behold.

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Good luck ranking those up they look very wide ( but v nice)
How does this printing thing work? Is there copyright issues that stop you from selling spare prints of c. Dwarves? I dare say people would pay you to make certain models that youve already made. For example i bought a bunch of those lost kingdom bull centaurs from ebay but i lost 3 tails etc in transit