Holiday season cheers and general positivity

Hi Gents and Ladies,

i just felt the need to tell you guys how much i love this community. The positivity, creativity and sheer volume of cool stuff all of us make and share this forum is overwelming! I’ve only been here for about 1.5 years but it feels like i’ve been here forever.

Before coming here i didn’t really enjoy forums. They were cumbersome and generally hard to join, at least it felt like that to me. This place isn’t like that. The replies on my first post on CDO were so welcoming and uplifting i had a huge boost in productivity!

I love the work we all put in the competitions, in the zine, the podcasts, spreading the word of hashut to other places. You see the passion in everything on this forum.

I especially love the fact that there are people on this forum with much better skills in 1 (or 9) aspects of the hobby, yet they still find time to write positive and usuful feedback, or five a compliment when ou share your work.

I have never felt like any of you are inacessible for questions, in fact all of you are very willing to share your knowledge!

Seeing the quality of the stuff some of you enter in the Golden Hats makes me jealous and proud, yet i never feel outdone or ashamed of what i entered. To all the new members, please don’t be afraid to join any of the competitions!

Finally I’d like to wish you all a great holiday season, even if I’m a bit early, and wish those of you participating in the BATG the best of luck! I hope to only seen negative scores and be able to hand out badges to each of you around this time next year!

I love you guys!


Io Saturnalia!

Couldn’t agree more with all of the above. Beautiful community full of beautiful people. Have a fun, festive and safe holiday season everyone.



Thank you all for sharing all crazy and awesome projects! I am actually a Longbeard by now i would say, i joined the original forum back in 2009! But i have always been a lurker and lost touch with the community (and myself) i would say. My new years vow should be to speak my mind more often both here and irl :smiley:

Now the embers in the forge has blazed to life again and i am truly content for the first time in what feels forever.

Most of all thank you Admiral! Your tireless efforts for the community are much appreciated and your invitation to the artisan contest made me find my way back. :hatoff:


@Admiral is a hidden CDO treasure!

I’m happy you came back to the fold! We really hope to see more stuff in 2022 from everyone!


I can only agree with @MichaelX holeheartedly. I am happy and proud to be part - though not too big a part - of this great community. That everyone here, no matter how talented they are, is always shown kindness and appreciation is just great and not to be taken for granted. I wish you all a pleasant and above all healthy Christmas and a happy and fulfilled New Year!


Love you and your endless patience & wisdom with the Pippin of 3D printing fellowship. <3


What a great year it was for CDO! Huge thanks to everyone here, bowlth new members and longbeards, making this community a special place without equal. The energy and soul of this forum is a roaring forgefire.


Twas the night before Smithsmas
when all through the ziggurat
Not a creature was stirring
Except all the rats;
The hobgoblins were hung
by the chimney without care,
In hopes that the Dark Father soon would be there…


By the guidance of Hashut‘s horns may the next year prove bright.

By the tickling of Walhut’s whiskers may we all quake with delight.

The sorcerer prophets foretell of great valor and might.

Provided we all keep the forges alight.