Hood's Grim Dark distractions

In addition to my various other interests I also was gamemastering in a Dark Heresy RPG for some time. As GW published Mechanicum and Adeptus Mechanicus models this fascinated me and I painted some of this models a few years ago.
I also was Intrigued by the newer Genestealer Cults and Necromunda stuff but wasn’t sure how to paint them. @Xander s thread of Inq28 models inspired me to look how to paint “Blanchitsu” Style :-).
So after viewing some videos today I painted the first 2 models from the Deathwatch Overkill game, 2 Genestealer Hybrids.

I am satisfied with the speed and more will follow soon :-).

I also have Enforcers and Bloodgrinder cult.


very effective scheme! Love the tones with still the contrast to bring them to life. Excited to see your take on the bloodgrinder cult. Necromunda meets nigh infringing Bloodborne weapons. :syringe: :drop_of_blood:

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This is beautiful grimdark painting, Hood! Lovely!

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Oh, they do look nice and dark! Very themed. :slight_smile:

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Very well executed blanchitsu style. Most rely on a very heavy use of reds but you’ve hardly touched that colour yet retained the same feel.

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Beautiful paint job on these. Really understated, but still striking! Well done!

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Thank you fellow hobbyists, much appreciated!

Here I have a picture of all used paints (+ white spirit)


Amazing job @TheHoodedMan love those cultists, it’s a great muted green you’ve used in there and I think it works perfectly with the addition ‘darkness’ added later

Great stuff!!


They look really good. Well done!

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