House Greim, or the Slave Guild (Necromunda/AoS?)

Ok, so these obviously aren’t neither short or bearded. But could quite easily be converted to slavers serving a short, angry, bearded master… Some really cool miniatures from Games Workshop!
From what I can tell they dont look too tech either, would fit perfect into Age of Sigmar IMO.


Yeah, cool stuff. I’m very curious about the pit slave on the far right!

Ooh I must’ve missed this. I like the look of the guy with the shackles especially for the purpose Tjub mentioned. Will these be GW or Forgeworld models?

Wonderful! I like how the GW studio is taking the chance to explore the truly interesting aspects of Necromunda. The kind of things I get most excited about in all of 40k’s expansive background. :slight_smile:

It didn’t say…


Thanks for the link! Hopefully these aren’t prohibitively expensive

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Ah, guess I read it to quick… :stuck_out_tongue: