Ian Miller's Grim Tarock

Today I got my card and print from the Grim Tarock by Ian Miller


They’re really nice! I backed it simply because I really like Ian Miller’s art, rather than having an interest in tarot cards etc.

I originally just backed for the art on the cards as a nice collectors item, but as they reached more stretch goals I decided to treat myself to the print, which I’ll frame and hang above my paint desk. It reminds me of Death on the Reik, which is one of my favourites by him.

You can certainly see some of the old RoC influence on some of these cards, which is really cool. Ian Miller’s drawings of castles, forts and demons haunting them are excellent, and definitely inspire the mind. I find theres a real air of mystery to them, and they can be “open to interpretation” for want of another phrase. I have to admit, I actually prefer the likes of Karl Kopinski for warhammer art - I guess because at the time when I got into the hobby, his artwork was on the front cover of WD and a bunch of model boxes. To me, his artwork is definitely more grounded and “relatable” to warhammer in a physical tabletop gaming sense, whilst Ian Miller - a previous generation to me, evokes a totally different vibe that to me is really great for inspiration and mysticism! Just my thoughts :slight_smile: