Ice giant diorama for patreon competition

One of the patreons I’m subscribed to has a painting competition that has a 4k monochromatic resin printer as the main prize.

This is the diorama I’m entering.

There will be an ice giant shaman on it who is casting something so there will be osl added to the diorama at some point.

Any positive feedback would be appreciated!

The first one is more or less about the composition…

And this is the progress on the diorama.

Should I add a backdrop?


Very nice diorama base! A backdrop would make it even better.

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I agree, a backdrop really makes a diorama pop.

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How is this?


Did i overdo the osl?

Looks good, and a back drop would really add to it! @Oxymandias did some beautiful work for his Battle Rep!


Cheeky little green screen would work well - there’s an iPhone app for it I use :slight_smile:


Thank you @tjub. I added a black backdrop to make the osl pop. Dont really have any idea as to what kind of backdrop I’d want

Hmm, but that would mess with the green of my osl I guess :stuck_out_tongue: @Oxymandias

Blue screen works too - most apps let you switch :slight_smile:

Oh just realised the effect has blue and green in it - sorry you’re on your own mate haha

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Haha no worries :rofl:

I like it! With the backdrop, its a little unorthodox but you could try keying with a totally different colour. Years ago I filmed a thing, Ultramarines vs Death Guard and we wanted to add a cool wartorn city as a background. I ended up using bright red cards as a backdrop, and then keying that colour and it wasn’t bad (for the level of effort put in aha).

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Okay… progress…

This is the ice giant with a fresh coat of quickshade. He’s quite a bit darker then I’d like him to be but with the osl I’m going for I need everything dark.

In a few days he will be matted, and get a layer of osl paint.

And this is before he got finished to get an idea of the diorama when it’s done.


Holy crap this is awesome!

The lighting is so atmospheric, very spooky indeed, what did you use for snow?

Also what did you decide on the backdrop?

Nothing yet about the backdrop. I’ll firstly finish the model and all the osl before I look inti that. I still have about 9 days left so should be plenty.

The show is a mix of baking soda, pva glue and water. Dont know the exact amounts but it was about 1/3 of each.

There are lots of recipies for this.

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I’m thinking something like this @GhraskDragh

The question is… do i paint it myself… or do i print it and stick it on there :smiley:

@Filmdeg Ill have to look into it. for now i have a pretty dark scene in my mind. if i look at the diorama in normal daylight i hate it :sweat_smile: but of the light is dim and comes directly from above im really happy with it.

i MIGHT have to make a box for it with a view port and a small light insinde so its always lighted correctly :stuck_out_tongue: