Intro post

I haven’t used a forum since high school but you lot seemed cool enough to jump back into one!

I lurked the old forum occasionally and spent a lot of time on the wiki before jumping into Big Hat life last year. Currently ~1000pts towards into a (currently planned) ~1500pt Ravening Hordes collection! Really excited to jump back into gaming this year as the plague subsides.

Looking forward to posting progress once I finish collecting the little bastards and painting my current Saga project!

I’m on the Discord too, same username!


Cool that you finally arrived here and settled down! I look forward to a lot of pictures, even if the BigHats are not my favorites! :wink:


Hey @flagellant04 ! Nice to see you make the jump from discord to discourse! Welcome aboard!!!


Welcome, so great the discourse made you get back into foruming! I very much get where you’re coming from, forums were big when I was young but were never really able to transition well into the social media phase (despite basically starting it all). But this discourse platform is really good, works equally well on pc and Smartphone.

Looking forward to your progress!


Welcome mate! As others have said, make sure to post lots of pictures. We love pictures!

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The pictures will come! Just as soon as I have something worth showing… XD


WIP pictures are also welcome! :wink:


Welcome! Looking forward to seeing your evil stunties :beer:

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