Jackswift's 40k Works in Progress

Starting another OT topic, this time 40K which was my first entry to gaming many years ago. Since my entire hobby existance is suspended for another few weeks by my obsession with getting my Golden Hat entry done, I’ve had nothing new CD related to post. So, a few WIP projects that I hope to soon turn my attention back to.

First off, a FW Marauder Bomber that I picked up for a song due to it’s “Salvage Title” status. Have some big plans for this, though it is going to take some work to get this thing in working order. I plan to mod the broken tail and the front of the craft to look a bit closer to the Marauder Destroyer model and build in some ‘extra armor’ to help bring it back together.

Current disassembled state:

More to follow as I dig in. No cause for alarm, one of my favorite things to do is take models in poor repair and bring them back to life. Will later post of pics of a Warhound Titan i did this to a few years back. Cheers.