Kharegim's abyssal dwarfs!

Hello all! So here is where I will be sharing all the photos of my chaos/abyssal dwarf models! I am currently in the process of retouching and adding extra highlights to all my finished models, because I painted the bulk of this army in 2013/14 when i first got back into the hobby after a long hiatus and the paint jobs currently dont stand up to my new standards.

The first two figures I’ve brought up to scratch are my favourite Greater obsidian golem and my first halfbreed champion. The body from the greater obsidian golem is from Hexy store while the head is from mantic games. The halfbreed is from another company who I have forgotten the name of!

Will be uploading photos of the whole army as I do my retouches!


Huh! for some reason I cannot see the preview images on my post… I tried just copying the link and putting it in the post but that doesnt seem to work…

They look great!

Sadly Instagram did change some policy a year back or so, killing all links. Several people have had the same issue… The links do work tho but no preview is show, which is annoying. But you can upload pics direct to the forum using the Upload Icon.

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They are very cool. It’s nice to see justice being done to this range because it’s super accessible, affordable and fun!


Just wait until I get the rest of the army done and uploaded @chitzkoi

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Also in the process of 3d printing some hobgoblins, in kings of war these will be used as slave orcs, but if I can mashup the files well enough I’ll be creating a whole army to use as ratkin (in kings of war theyre genetic mutants created by the abyssal dwarves as slaves, so they’ll fit profile wise and lore wise)


Will the Heroes have two stripes?


The heroes will have pointy chaosy arrows on their hats or dags!


Progress has been slow of late, I’ve been distracted with Warhammer total war 2s chaos dwarf mod and world of tanks and phasmophobia.
But thanks to internet difficulties I finished touch ups on four more units yesterday.
Meet one of four immortal guard regiments, these guys are from mantic games (as is most of the army):

And also my three Angkor heavy mortars (mantic games also)


They look great especially the unit of dwarfs. I see you substituted the shields for the shield arms from the newer kit. A lot of work goes into painting those guys, nice job!

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Thankyou very much for the kind words! Yes I substituted the shields as a way of bringing the old-school plain shields of these immortal guard into the new school with the hard plastic kits from mantic. It’s my way of unifying my older models with my newer ones.

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This is so good. The mantic models don’t get enough air time on this site and you’re definitely showing what’s possible with them here. These look excellent

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