Knightly Miniatures Chaos Dwarf Warband

Saw these pop up on Facebook, and added them to our list of available model ranges.

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I saw the models some time ago when they were only available for pre-order. Nice that you can buy them now. I am already attracted by the models, let’s see if they find their way to me … :grin:

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I would love these,particularly the centaurs but with their expensive postage to the uk i cant afford them. Sad times. Maybe ill rob a bank next year :laughing:

Yes the postage is a problem, but since I wanted to have the models, I ordered them anyway. As I have no other expensive hobbies, I now allow myself a higher postage.


@Iceman - these look right up your street

Please do a size comparison shot when you get a chance.


I’ll be happy to do that! In case I forget … please remind me again if necessary. :wink:

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Maybe we need an ambassador to approach knightmare games to arrange a discount on their chaos dwarves for CDO members in exchange for some positive publicity/ promotion :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

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Woah that is pretty damn cool, really echoes teh Marauder chaos dwarfs. I’m FINALLY getting around painting mine.