[KoW] Abyssal Dwarf Timeline

The Creation of the Abyss

With the arrival of the Celestials they quickly replaced the Old Gods, a time of light, peace and prosperity dawned upon the lands of Pannithor.

Oskan was the youngest of the Celestials, possibly even a child of an unhappy union among their kind. Bitter and full of loathing both for his own kind and the noble races of Pannithor, Oskan conceived of a way to destroy both without challenging his peers himself. Young and week he was, barley tolerated by his own kind…

By schemes and lies Oskan created the Fenulian Mirror as a gift for Calisor, knowing that the elf would not be able to handle it.

The breaking of the Fenulian Mirror ripped the world in two and splitting the Celestials as well. Light and dark, good and evil, hope and despair…

This lead to a civil war among the celestials which tore the lands of Pannithor. Oskan, the Father of Lies, led his forces of the Wicked Ones to battle the Shining Ones.

In the epic God War Oskan was struck down by Domivar, and his forces sucked down into the open wound ripped open by the batteling gods. The gap widened and the very core of the world itself exposed, on either side of the wounds the land turned black and died.

Thus was the Abyss created, at once a home and a prison for the Wicked Ones and their foul spawn.
(Kings of War 3rd Ed Rulebook, p76-89)

The Kingdom of Tragar

During the ancient conflict the Father of Lies whispered to the Dwarfs, planted a seed of greed a curse of gold. This deep secret is constantly battling in the heart of the Dwarven people, a burning need, an urge to collect riches above all other considerations. If a Dwarf succumbs to these urges, they lose all control, they covet each other wealth, take it in any way possible. Even perform the most unspeakable act known to dwarfkind: Murder.

When this happens the Father of Lies looks up fromt whatever hell pit he has been banished to and smiles, for at this final step another dwarf has been lost to the Abyss.

The fate of the northern dwarfs who had established mining communities around the Abyss went undiscovered for centuries. Drawn there by the promise of riches they were twisted by the dark whispers of the Father of Lies. Their hellish industries surround the Abyss, mines and settlements cling to the precipice above the vast smoke-belching chasm. Their twin temple cities loom large at either end - Zarak and Deiw - the ancient dwarf words for Power and Pain.

These towering sentinel-mountains are almost maddening in their scale wrought of stone, iron and brass and adorned with leering blasphemous carvings. The cities are constantly expanding as the Abyssal Dwarfs increase their domain, building even higher and burrowing ever deeper until the warping power of the Abyss seeps through the rock and makes hellish dens in the deepest chambers.

Surrounding the two cities are mountains and foothills that are home to Orcs, Giants and Trolls. Atop the highest spires Dragonspawn swoop and soar the thermals rising from the Abyss while mutated creatures slither in the lava-rivers that cascade from the cities vast forges into the lower reaches of the hellpit bellow.

The Abyssal Dwarfs call this kingdom Tragar.
(Kings of War 3rd Ed Rulebook, p181-182)

The Birth of the Gnorr


The War of the Quartz Sceptre


The Age of Conflict - Edge of the Abyss

A decade ago, the power of the Abyss waxed strong after centuries of magical preparation and sacrifice of countless slaves, the forging of new and deadly artifacts, the influence of the Wicked Ones over their infernal prison get and the earth began to heave and buckle with an almighty crack. The gaping chasm into the earth began to tear its was through new ground and countless hordes of Abyssal monsters spilled forth to devour everything before them. Never had such vast numbers of demonspawn been seen before ad the horrors that were unleashed triggered cataclysmic events across all of Pannithor as Forces of Good and the will of the Green Lady fought to halt the monumental destruction being wrought, while vile races sought to take advantage.
(Kings of War 3rd Ed Rulebook, p95)

Invasion of the Halpi Mountains

When the Abyss grew and swelled with power the Abyssal Dwarfs were invigorated with strength and purpose. Great armies were raised, new infernal creations were pressed into service and the armies of Zarak and Diew marched south. With the power of the Wicked Ones at their backs the Abyssal Dwarfs were eager to eliminate their kin once and for all. The Dwarfs of the South were divided, bickering and weak, where the dwarfs of Tragar were strong and united under the Overking Zerkziz. The time to strike south had come!

Numberless armies marched south on the Halpi Mountains. The sky was darkened by artillery fire and polluting fumes. New colossal obsidian beasts lumbered into battle carrying great shrines that channelled the patrons infernal power. The clans of the Free Dwarfs set up a desperate defense and fought with every warrior they could muster, but the Overking could not be denied. The Abyssal Dwarfs advanced like a lava flow, slowly consuming and razing all in their path. No army could stop them, no hero could see victory against them and as they surrounded the last defenders at Rhyn Dufaris their dominion was all but guaranteed.
(Kings of War 3rd Ed Rulebook, p185)

The Siege of Cwl Gen

At the Siege of Cwl Gen, Jarrun Iremonger bough time for the Free Dwarf armies to march south and regroup with their kin by emptying his workshop and the hold’s entire armory. Well over a hundred warmachines held the walls of the hold. For seven days and seven nights they fired continuously, making the Abyssal Dwarfs pay for every step conquered. The siege only ended when the last of the Free Dwarfs managed to escape through tunnels when the last of the ammunition had been all but depleted. The last of the garrison bought themselves time by detonating the last of their powder reserves, bringing the hold itself down upon the advancing slave hordes.
(Kings of War 3rd Ed Rulebook, p126)

The Battle of the Bloody Steppe

In the Battle of the Bloody Steppe , berserker king Sveri Egilax led and entire army of Free Dwarf berserks against the Abyssal Dwarf invaders. Even though the army of berserks took scores of enemy troops with them, the advance of the Abyssal Dwarfs could not be halted as more slaves were constantly brought up to fill the gaps of the casualties.
(Kings of War 3rd Ed Rulebook, p126)

The Battle at Rhyn Dufaris

With the success of the Abyssal Dwarf conquest pushing the Free Dwarfs south through the peninsula, most of the Free Dwarfs ended up around Rhyn Dufarin where they mounted a desperate evacuation over the Chainway to the Imperial domain of King Golloch. Herneas and a few regiments of rangers managed to put up a successful fighting withdrawal at a great cost around Rhyn Dufaris, boarding the last ships south they came bearing a single message:
“They are coming!”
(Kings of War 3rd Ed Rulebook, p126)

The Flooding of the Abyss

Then came the flood. With the focus of the Abyssal Dwarfs eagerly on the south, no one could have foreseen what was to come from the coalition lead by the Green Lady against forces of the Abyss. Neritican Aquamages melted the great glacier north of Tragar, flooding the Abyss and all of the lands surrounding it. Zarak and Diew, built on high peaks at either end of the chasm survived, but the were cut off from the land and the raging fires of the Abyss itself. With their homeland and power under threat, and the power of the Abyss draining from them the Abyssal Dwarfs chose to retreat and consolidate their holdings in the Halpi Mountains - for now.

Years have passed and the Abyssal Dwarfs have prospered. The Halpi Mountains are their dominion, evert hold either destroyed of occupied and corrupted. The floodwaters have long since evaporated from the Abyss, the damage repaired by legions of toiling slaves.

The great chasm has split the ground further, with Diew no longer marking the edge of the Abyss. At the the Abyss furthest point, thousands of slaves are forced to raise immense structures of black iron and obsidian. Wails fill the air as forges burn bright to smelt vast quantities of materials needed for one purpose - to build a third city Tragazahk.
(Kings of War 3rd Ed Rulebook, p185, p95)

Ice & Iron

With their armies cut off or unable to leave the Abyss, the Wicked Ones have chosen new proxies in this world. Exercising their will, they fill the minds of the Abyssal Dwarfs with visions of conquest and terror. They whisper ideas and secrets to the mind of the Overking. A power in the north, a lost elven prince, glory everlasting. Zealous in his worship of the Wicked Ones Overking Zerkziz obeys.

The Battle for Ravenswood

To the outside world, the Free Dwarfs are licking their wounds. But their leaders are not so beaten and know that the best time to strike back is when your enemy is celebrating victory. Their foul cousins desecrate their holds, their keeps, their homeland. Vile greenskins now reside in hallowed dwarfen halls, and Ratkin, the plague created by the hubris of the dark dwarfs, fill the mines with vicious tooth and claw. The unleashing of the Nexus was like a clarion call to the Free Dwarfs – a great and terrible wound inflicted upon their lands by the foul beasts that dared violate their homes. It signified the time to fight back.

Herneas the Hunter, having laid the foundations for the invasions, moved inland with the task of closing the Nexus. In his wake, Helgarth had been recaptured – a major strategic boon and key element in the plan. Far to the south, a fleet was on its way from the coasts of Abercarr and Estacarr, intent on besieging and recapturing Eastport, and then onto Jarrun Bridge.

Months earlier, Sveri Egilax had marched with a coalition army from the gates of Crag Makaz, through the Sorrows, meeting with Lord Aerion Frostwing near Scymadkazla. Aerion and his force of Northern Alliance fighters had been campaigning and hunting down first retreating Abyssal Dwarfs, and then Varangur raiders through Carrog, and via his agents had learnt of the dwarfs’ plans. With Talannar’s blessing, he joined the dwarfs on their campaign. A large vanguard was sent ahead to Crag Gallen, to secure the area.

As the Nexus erupted, the main body of dwarfs were ambushed as they neared the last pass out the Sorrows and were assailed from all sides by vast hordes of undead. Sveri and Aerion quickly sent messengers to the Vanguard at Crag Makaz, telling them not to waste time and to press on. The work Herneas had done in preparing the land for the invasion would be wasted if they couldn’t arrive in time to secure Helgarth.

At Helgarth, the coalition vanguard found they had arrived just in time. A vast, if uneasy, alliance of Abyssal Dwarfs and goblins had emerged from the depths of Ravenswood, and was marching on the beleaguered but stoic garrison, intent on taking it back and sharing the spoils.

As the two forces face each other across the broken ground, amidst the swirling and mystifying effects of the Nexus, they are preparing to fight to the last in a crucial encounter that may determine the success of the retaking of Halpi.