LakeTide Miniatures Old Armies Showcase

This here will be my archieve for all the things i ever painted. I felt the need for someplace to put it after i removed the Instagram. So hold onto your hats! Cause I will take you on a 6 year journey.

I started plaing Boardgames for the first time after a lifetime of computer games. Felt cool to paint em. First game was RuneWars. Got some paint and tried to follow some Duncan guides. Was really happy with this Giant.

Then the Runewars miniatures game turned out and i continued to paint more and board games. I also bought alot of paint At this point.

After a trip to Skellefteå Nordsken I got to try 7th edition 40k Killeam. So of course me and my friend bouught a secret weapon terrain board and started painting. We also got 40k models and Malifaux: (Trying to build malifaux as first ever models with nothing but superglue was a pain and made me hate building models to this day).

If you wanna paint terrain, you want an airbrush. So i went into that rabbit hole fast and clogged out after a few weeks. Sold it and told myself airbrush was nothing for me.

Bought some more paints and made some warbands for the new game… AOS Skirmish. Of course i didnt want a full army. Just a few models.

PART 4: Skirmish into Age of Sigmar
A few game of skirmish on the floor wanted me to play the full game. So i went into Beastclaw Raiders because it was a few model army. But then when that was complete i also bought alot of goblins and dwarfs. Some of these i painted myself but the more pretty stuff is bought second hand. The Shadespire warband got salt & rust treatment for a grimdark lookin stormcast. But later they turned into the world famous Squidmar Daughters warband that they are now.

Next post will be in year and the different armies i have made. This was the humble beginning though. From Boardgame into Age of Sigmar in about 12 months.



Converted Sister of Silence Inquistior:

First real hobby room:

My first serious attempt to paint a nice model, got into a local competition with it:

Beastclaw Army with Goblins:

Engineer and steam tank:


YEAR 2018 -
Goblin butcher:

Lord ordinator for my greywater fastness:

Scratchbuilt rocket battery for a 4x rocket battery army i played in my first aos tournament:

Converted Trajann Valoris for my first 40k Custodes:

My first big vehichle:

Vader for local shop:

A great unclean one:

My first commision work:

Idoneth army:

Face off with Squidmar Sylvaneth force, back in the day when he was pro AoS player:

First freehand attempt on a flag:

2k blood angels commision:

Magma Dragon army:
This army got its time in the sun when Honest wargamer roasted it for not being competetive on his website. Great fun was had when we met on Krigsluntan GT.

Start on my 12 000point stormcast army:


YEAR 2019
More stormcast:
Fun fact about my aos2 stormcast list is that i never lost a game and won a tournament with it. Over 16 games and 100% win rate.


Start on troggoth army:

Flesheater courts army:5xterrorgheists and nothing else. Rest of points turned into command points which i used to hit twice with everything.



Progress on troggoth army:

Necromunda & Star wars legion:

Cities of sigmar army:

First Sisters of battle army:


YEAR 2020 -

another cities of sigmar army with 4 phoenixes:

tanks and terrain:

commision halfling army:

Middle earth:


Kholek Suneater and dragon ogres:

Commision gloomspite:

Daughters of khaine:

My second custodes army:

Gargant army:


Some beautifully painted and amazing work in this showcase! Really able to see the progression and advancement of your painting skills over the years as well. :hatoff:


Lovely stuff mate! some really cool models here! Also an impressive amount of painted stuff!

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I am bad at taking full army pictures. Hence just a few models of every army. But ill see if I can upload old Instagram stories and such


Found some more pictures from my old instagram, added in order from old to newer. Some tournament and traveling pictures included

Second place after a final showdown against another idoneth community player:

Upgraded paint statition in our community locale:

Space marine for a community charity project:

scratchbuilt rogue idol

epic commmision

First 1st place on a tournent

Warhammer World transhuman dread

2nd Place again…

Cities of sigmar alariella custom

bases for a “only pistolliers” project that never took off.

My current station the in the garage and some snakes


I love the atmosphere you create on your models /bases.

Where is the halfling knight on the goat from? Conversion?

Great stuff!