Larry's Kings of War Chaos Dwarfs

Hi all. I was a member of the old forum dating back to about 2010 and its nice to see CDO revived in a new format. Given that I’ve started painting some Chaos Dwarf minis for my Kings of War projects, I though it was a good time to start contributing here. My Abyssal Dwarfs will be big hats and my Oldhammer CDs will be part of my Dwarf army.

I’ve painted some of Ewal Clam’s wonderful boar riders to use as Berserker Brock Riders and thrown in an old Jes Goodwin ogre for good measure - with the idea being that they are an advanced raiding party that roams ahead of the main force.


Welcome to new cdo! Those boar riders look great. I was just saying how good those boar riding models a few mins ago :smiley:

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Welcome back here at CDO!

I wonder if you could take some detail shots of your models! :metal:

Tricky, as I’m only on a camera phone and don’t have a lightbox set up at the minute. It’s a very basic tabletop paint job, as I want to get an army out.


@LarryTheLamassu Hi! Welcome to the new forum. Good to have you on board mate! These look great. I love the Clam models. How does one go about getting them? Never seen a website or shop before.

I’m currently making a rank n flank army for 8th Ed/ KoW too. Cool to see the multi based option for KoW being used here. I couldn’t commit to it because of using the army in warhammer as well but I’d love to do it one day.

Clam has paused sales at the minute as he is trying to figure out some supply issues and Brexit, but if you contact him on Facebook I’m sure he’ll get back to you.

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Worth knowing - thanks @LarryTheLamassu

Welcome! These minis have so much character. I particularly like the one with the brass helm. Basing for Kings of War looks like a blast. The diorama style really comes out with a dynamic unit and you’ve aced that with these boars rumbling at you.

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Repeating what everyone else said… welcome to the discourse!

These models are beautiful and will be a joy to play with, or against.

Also, there is also a discord link somewhere on the forum, where some if us chat in a more casual way,if you are interested.

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