Lockdown chaos dwarves

@Zoddtheimmortal do you have insta?

I posted some of your gorgeous work today and if you want I could tag you.


Cheers man, i dont but im happy you chose some of my stuff to help promote the site. OUR INFAMY GROWS!!


Well… the most difficult part right now is choosing something from the vast collection that is cdo :sweat_smile:

There’s already at least 1 new member from IG posts so 🤷


New gw hobgoblin. They remind me a lot of the arachnarok forest goblins, absolutely loved them.

A scale shot beside admirals hobgoblin slave driver

1 down, 39 to go…eek!


Excellent work, I got mine this weekend and can’t wait to start painting them.


Cheers, i look forward to see what you do with yours, particularly what you do with all the spare bodies left over.

Ive got a problem, bought 10 more for £5.50. I way over paid on the others, there is such a low demand for them, they are going for nothing.

So 49 more to go…sigh…(idiot)

With that one kit you could nearly make a hobbo army if riding legs can be found to fit the torsos

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Oh wow Zodd looks class in your colours


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@Zoddtheimmortal we throughly derailed your hobby blog with our hobgrot ideas here haha. I’ve split the topics.

Thanks for the inspiration mate. I think many of us will be getting these toys and using these after seeing there on your blog!


Excellent paintjob! You brought out the best of the new design I’ve seen so far. :beer:

May we by any chance use the first picture for scale reference on Admiralty Miniatures? Credit duly given to you, of course.

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Of course, although i can hopefully update it to apainted version in a couple of months :hob2:

Use any of my photos without permission as always. If i put them on your forum then they are yours :smiley:


Wow… I liked these buggers already but this is cool! They would fit quite well with my army like this…


I now purchased 20 with another 20 on offer… sigh…


Lol, i stopped at 50 if it makes you feel any better- its like auto-buy. Now im buying other stuff that i hope might be able to mix with these sprues. Im broke!


So due to a plumbing issue i have to relocate all my miniatures or else get them taken away by a removal company :mask:

So i better post my last competition entry before they get lost or broken (hope not)

1st i present the smallest 28mm siege tower in the world. I had ideas about putting some snotlings on a short wall to be attacked but 4 photos didnt really cover what i had already so had to drop it.


Next we have my 2nd siege tower/juggernaught from scotia grendel. With a cannon crew member donated by zanko watched by his halfling captive on the 1st floor the dwarf cannon was extended to fit through a stressful drilled hole haha!

. The 2nd floor has some tag dwarf crossbowmen with a random drunken conversion of an empire halberdier cut up to hell and glued back together with a gladiator helmet. On the top floor there is the lovely old school miniatures wheelbarrow guy with a couple of ralparta blunderbusses and a flaming skull catapult


I had to think a bit how the siege tower would be pushed to came up with these chaos mutant demon ogre beasties prodded by a hobbo slave driver from admiralty miniatures and his best mate who accidently got eaten :smiley:

I did a gratuitous arse shot to try and please all the guys unhealthily obsessed with that region on the anatomy. Picked out the green demons bum a bit too haha


And lastly my fat baron ( this might actually be the dwarf high king…not sure) riding a big stegadon (colossus) with a lovely executioner style crewman also from zanko(i owe him) and a macrocosm dark dwarf. The dwarf was so fat i had to cut away alarming amounts of his throne. I was determined to use this high king guy in something. I tried to make him look as evil as possible to fit in

So…v nervous about packing all my stuff away with no space or packing materials…
Going to argos tomorrow to buy another glass cabinet. Wish me luck! Scary stuff


Awesome stuff and great paintjob! :beer: I`m sure that I will steal some of your ideas! :wink:

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Nothing yells “Chaos Dwarfs!” like the sheer craziness of some of these models! Very well designed and executed!