Lockdown hobbies

Firstly I hope everyone here has not lost anyone and are staying safe of course!

What has everyone been doing hobby wise around the world in lockdown?

I’ve been painting a lot. Blood Angels and plague marines mostly. Also a few bits of dark elves and I’m working on an araknarok spider for variety!


Since I have to work quite normally, my family and house and garden take their toll, I could do (as always) relatively little for the hobby. I am currently painting my GH-entry and some more chaos dwarfs … nothing more unfortunately! :cry:


My focus of late was repairing lots of assembled models (apparently I used a particularly bad batch of plastic glue for a while), making sure they line up nicely (which is no easy feat with a couple of kits, e.g. High Elf Phoenix Guard) and fitting them with magnets and magnetic unit bases. Still have some High Elves to go, then move on to Dwarfs. After that I will assemble my Ogre Kingdoms and Chaos Dwarf armies, which are basically all still in their sprues.

I have accepted the fact that I will probably never paint them all, but at least I want to properly use them in games.

Pro tipp: Baking trays are excellent to store/carry magnetic models. Strong neodym magnets (10x5 or so) will easily attach to metallic unit bases from below. Plus, 20 minutes at 180°C make for a tasty dinner this way…


Did a gorkamorka gang, a mordheim gang, half a chaos dwarf army, and most recently 20 cadians and IG characters. A few random characters as well.

I’ve painted my normal years worth of miniatures in 7weeks :joy::see_no_evil:


I’m ploughing my way through goblin and ork slaves for my Chaos Dwarfs as well as various gangs, single models and terrain for Necromunda, and converted up the GW limited edition Terminator Librarian for my Grey Knights and painted him.


Hey @Grimstonefire! It’s been a while :grin:
We’re all good here thank you, 2 boys and wife have been in lockdown for a little while now as the boys are asthmatic we kept them in a bit before schools all closed. It was all, and still is, very new and strange so we’re just reacting on what we think is best as we go. As I’m down as keyworker not a lot has changed for me but I have been able to work from home the last couple of weeks so that is both weird and wonderful, I’m a bit of a recluse at the best of times so a lot of this suits me down to the ground

Hope everyone is good with you too :+1:t2::vulcan_salute:t2:

Hobby wise I’ve had a bit if revelation, some may day found my niche, with some quick and dirty paint schemes for Chaos Dwarfs and Star Wars. Now I’m having a little break with some Warhammer Fantasy nostalgia before the next round of Grim Dark again…


Been pretty much “business as usual” here in Sweden, avoiding people unless necessary, alot of washing hands and over all carful of how you interact with people etc. But been working and gaming, running the Blood Bowl league and a few AoS and KoW battles.
Painting a bunch of Squigs and Grots for AoS and loads of the newly cast Tjublings for @Admiral.


Hey Ghrask!

Yes all good here. My job I was pretty much working from home before this, so things mostly unchanged.

In other hobby news I’m going to be sculpting a and casting a life size face soon! Something very different