Lost Legions of Karak Vlag [LLoKV] 2022MAR28

Adding another unit, this time some bull centaurs! These are the very same that I was gifted by @Hashoooot. Same as most of the other guys, these centaurs are also breathing some nice collected slaughtered souls, this time, from the rocketeer jetpack (just flipped upside down).

The rest of the job was done with some greenstuff to make their rebreathers and piping. Then, it was time for the paintjob. I decided to go for flags on their backs.

The flags, in order from left to right, are Kislev, Kraka Drak, half-Nordland half-Hochland, Sarl, then the full Hochland.

So there they are! Just need to find the right bases.


Oooooo so those were yours!! I couldn’t figure it out!
Great display, fierce charge.
10/10 wouldn’t stand a chance