Magma dragon AOS

Hi guys i was considering This for a while before posting This but ive seen to a lot of CD lore and The Magma Dragon get some mentionings, here and there i Got introture and then i looked The bad boy up on my warhammer App and it forsent have The chaos keywords it has The destruction one, bt since it’s a monster that The CD rend to inslve Can it be used in AOS games as a CD monster or only with House rules i only play AOS atm so im wondering if it’s an option to use such a beast ?

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Unless you are playing competitive I would just talk to my opponent, Im sure most people would let you field it as part of a Chaos Dwarf force. Im not that familiar with the rules for the model itself so cant give a better answer…

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It’s pretty powerfull but very costy so it kind of evens out but i just like The lore abort The CD enslaving huge monsters from deepwitjin Their mountain to use on The battlefield