MetaQuest, Nicodemus' search for seated Hero models

I’m looking for the archetypal Barbarian, Dwarf, Elf and Wizard from HeroQuest/classic Warhammer Quest in seated positions so I can make a diorama scene of the 4 heroes sitting around a scale model of a HeroQuest (or WarhammerQuest) game-in-progress. Yes, rather meta.

I’ve been hunting for seated models for a number of years now and they’re not so easy to find. Part of the problem is that seated models don’t represent action, so they don’t tend to get used by players during wargaming or dungeon crawls. Even tavern scenes often have models on their feet as opposed to being seated.

Seated dwarfs are a bit more common, usually as dwarf kings or lords. The Dwarf King’s Throne of Power from Citadel has a seated dwarf
and there’s also the updated version, Dwarf King’s Throne of Power Thorgrim Grudgebearer

I think that’s about it for conventional models that are easy to find in the wild, and neither of these are quite the right feel as they’re posed in a way that makes them look like they’d be out of place at a gaming table. Nevertheless, I think 3D printing is the way to go, but I’m not having much luck finding ideal poses of heroes ‘between adventures’.

These are what I’ve found so far:

Stanislav Kuznetsov

Arian Croft … too bad about the toilet.

Red Clay Collectibles

Flesh of Gods … but maybe not the second guy, the ‘guild surgeon’

Signum Worksho

YourNeighborKnight Minis


2moronic miniatures


Pinyo Gulashart… maybe the seated female characters toward the bottom middle and bottom right, but not the others.

dutchmogul, only problem is lower resolution and the fact that they look more like skinny garden gnomes

The Printing Goes Ever On

There’s also several very promising models in the Tavern Playset Bundle from Twin Goddess Miniatures (I’m ignoring the arm wrestling dwarf and wizard models), no information if the models are separate from the chairs:

I think the last ones here from Twin Goddess Miniatures would make good models for the Barbarian and Wizard, although it’s difficult to know how to employ the warrior with the raised drink unless he’s responding to Zargon/Morcar/the Dungeon Master (this guy could work as the Elf if he had pointy ears sticking out of from his hair). The Thug model (C, with his hands on the table) from Red Clay Miniatures looks like it would be approriate for sitting behind a GM screen with the Quest books. The Heresylab Dwarf with the tankard also looks suitable, if he can be printed without his chair, and he’d need a booster seat I think. I remain convinced there’s more options out there, particularly hidden away in lots of the Patreon lists, except they’re not searchable and I find I just have to luck-out by stumbling across them at random.



There was a KS for printable Blood Bowl fans some time ago as well, here’s an example of the printed models…