My first ever Chaos dwarf project (from circa 2014?)

Hey all. Organising stuff in my gaming room and came across an old blood team I made in around 2014. This was about the time I started lurking the old site haha.

I Wasn’t a very confident painter back then so would have not wanted to share my work. However nowadays I don’t really care haha. These dudes are very very glossy which was a style i liked for some reason back then haha.

But I don’t think they look terrible, even though I’d definitely do them differently now. Hopefully you’ll see some improvements in my style since then?

Enjoy :slight_smile:


They look good, especially the Hobgoblin conversions!


Just a nose and some head gear, well done with the hobbos! The old plastic lineorcs fit great!

And ofc :eggplant: Goblin green bases

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