My introduction

Hi all,

My name is Edvin and I’ve recently taken the plunge into Chaos Dwarves after having fallen in love with them when they’d already been gone from the old world for quite some time.

When FW created the Legion of Azgorh line I was not affluent enough for resin, being a student at the time, and once the line became retired I was actually out of the hobby for other reasons.

I’ve been moving around the world with my family in tow, but am now back in Sweden since Christmas of 2017. In moving back I also got back into the hobby, via Adeptus Titanicus, and now I own and operate a FLGS together with two newfound friends here in southern Sweden.

My main occupation is however in engineering, and I’m a computational linguist by degree, and this is also why we left Sweden to begin with.

I now find myself sitting on a veritable treasure of angry dwarves, and am looking forward meticulously cleaning, building, and painting them, and sharing the progress with you!


Welcome to Hashuts cradle of creativity and Chaos! If I may ask, where in southern Sweden is this FLGS located? I’m located in Östergötland myself but I’m guessing you’re south of here.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing your progress (and pics of that treasure hoard of angry dwarfs)!


That’s awesome! Care to give more details here? Are there any social media channels to follow?


@Jasko @denelian5 The store is called Rapid Tabletop, and is located in Malmö.
One of the cofounders is the original Mr Rapid Tabletop, Leonard Dime, and his social media channels are to some effect our social media channels!
In other words, we have a YouTube channel, and pages/accounts/servers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Discord, as well as the web shop, which is my main responsibility in the company. Fun fact is that I am by no means a web developer, but being the sole engineer in our triumvirate that responsibility fell upon me! :smile:


Oh that’s ace! Realised I was already following on some platforms :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the introduction! Lovely to have you here! You’ll find we have many Swedes in our ranks! Chaos dwarfs are apparently popular there haha!

Looking forward to seeing your chaos dwarfs journey mate :slight_smile:


Welcome to the group. Look forward to seeing your take on CDs. Cheers!

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Welcome bro

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Välkommen! :blush: