My Lightning Powered Railway Chaos Dwarves (Age of Sigmar)

Hail. I love Chaos Dwarves, and I love Age of Sigmar.
I love that Age of Sigmar lets you break the mould and experiment with so many different backdrops and possibilities.

I work in the railway industry and wear orange and blue hi-vis. Considering all the machinery that Chaos Dwarves have (especially those Forgeworld guns on the railway looking wagon wheels) I thought it’d be fun to paint my guys as Railway workers.

The AoS Legion of Azgorh I found to be a pretty underwhelming ruleset, even before it was dropped completely for Age of Sigmar v3. It felt bland and boring. There wasn’t a lot of variety in the list, the special rules were dull, and there just didn’t feel like a lot of love put into it. I started looking around for an alternative.

In the end I decided to write my own rules*! Please enjoy my progress so far on my Dawi Kaskal of the Barzil A-ra; The Traveller Dwarves of the Iron Road!

*Fiction is all my own work. Images are just placeholders I found on the internet.The rules are… well… I’ll see if you can guess my secret :stuck_out_tongue:


And, in case anyone is wondering what I imagine a Firepike Phalanx to look like…

And if anyone is wondering why Gilgamesh is such a tank, it’s because my Bull Centaur hero from Russian Alternative is a MASSIVE UNIT.