Nergling's Chaos Dwarf Warhost


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I think they are pretty funny. They dont necessarily scream chaos dwarf to me but id find it pretty amusing to play against them in warhammer. It is very unique. Thumbs up from me


Been a while since I updated you gents on my progress. Here we have a couple of units of Hobgoblins, Throgs Hobgoblin Raiders and a bunch of Grenadier models too. I am also trying to find a Hobgoblin Khan to go on a Temple Dog but haven’t found one for a reasonable price yet. The search continues.



Cool, great looking units!

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They look very nice. I am going to use grenadier models as hobgoblins too though it appears to be different models than you. Im going for the long hair goblins. I dont recognise yours.

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Thanks pal, lots left to do though!

The ones in the first picture are a mix of half-orcs plus a few odd Ral Partha models and Picts, the ones in the second picture are Citadel through and through.

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The most marvelous, John Pickford sculpted, boar riders from Ewal Clam, for anyone that missed it on FB.

I’m waiting on a couple more army cases to arrive from my parents who have been storing them for me and then I can get snapping pictures of what is complete.

The current state of the army is, at a rough estimate, 50% complete.
60/120 CD Warriors
50/120 Slaves
80/120 Hobgoblins
40/120 Orcs and Goblins
3/6 Minotaurs
0/3 Bull Centaurs
Juggernaut, Whirlwind, Mangler, Hellcannon, 3x Arsecannons, Trebuchet, Swivel Gun, Mortar, Hotpot, Rocket Launcher, Jezzail, Warpfire Thrower, Catapult, Dalek, Baggage Train and Giant Chaos Battering Ram all complete.
3x Flame Cannon, Flame Thrower and various odds and ends still to paint.
Squigs, Brass Lion, T-Rex w CD head and Giant Spider all complete.
Lamassu, Chaos Hounds and some Slavers/Beastmasters still to paint.

So most of the big war machines are complete, mostly rank and file left to do.


Clams Ewal Dvergars are simply brilliant! I have them too, I can only recommend them to all Chaos Dwarf friends! I really like your colour scheme, I’d love more of them! :cd1980:


Looks great, both models and painting! :smiley:

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They look great! Nice colours

Has anyone recently asked @clam if he would get more cast? A kickstarter or something? Im sure they would sell like hot cakes!

The squat facebook group contacted bob olley about his exo armour squats. Had loads of interest and 10% deposits- won him over

Would love something similar for clams c. Dwarves.


The proverbial has really hit the fan if the Chaos Dwarfs are arming GOBLINS with blunderbuses! Space Crusade Gretchin repurposed with fancy square bases.

Note there are 6 and not 60, as I don’t think even the Chaos Dwarfs are that mad or desperate to arm an entire army of greenskins with black powder weapons! :mask:


Been hard at it these past couple of weeks, since the completion of the mancave/tinkering room/spare room/home office! Behold, more disgusting mutants led by another Big Hat.

I really should clean up this thread and put all the pictures to the top…


Oh wow! I have SO many of these ! Never even though of them being used in fantasy !!! They are so tall too so basically hobgobbos! Genius!

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I figured their weapons weren’t too outlandish in fantasy, being essentially basic gunpowder.

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Even painted, your troupe looks quite disturbing! Nice and chaotic - very cool! :skull2:

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More slaves for the army.


So, continuing the theme of mutants, slaves and all manner of nasty surprises… I present my Evil Lord and his retinue. Ready to pillage the countryside whilst the Chaos Dwarfs do the real dirty work!