Nergling's Gun Line

I painted a super wide background to use in multiple shots a few weeks ago during this pandemic thing, it measures 150x60cm. What you can see in the shots is about 1/3 of the width of it. I thought I would give it a quick run out with a few quick demo shots and see how it looks on camera. Turns out the block brown looks a bit shiny so I will go back over it with some textured paint to get rid of that and maybe put something in the foreground, that or some scenery like mangled trees to break up the background a bit. It’s my first time using a proper background so plenty to improve on!


Wow, such an atmosphere you created! This is simply a mazing… :exploding_head:

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I can only agree with Tjub, the atmosphere you created is very suitable and consistent! :japanese_ogre:

One question, why do you use hexagonal bases?

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  1. backdrop is amazing!
  2. triple ass cannon?! Awesome haha
  3. I also want to ask - is there a reason for hex bases? Not a bad thing btw- just not something I see very often :slight_smile:
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Hexes make old miniatures look classy and give an old feel to newer sculpts.


Thanks! Hex makes my characters look jazzy, if they aren’t supposed to rank up then I stick em on a hex.


Brilliant backdrop and ass canon bonanza! Great army.



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