New Evil Dwarfs by Scibor


Those new infantry would fit well with a Nurgle theme. Or even a Blackguard army

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I definitely like them.
The Question is how they look near other chaos dwarfs. They seem very massive. Maybe if everything is based equally this works out. If somebody has a size comparison: I would love to see.

I also think the models are quite chic, but the question is really how big and massive the figures are. It’s a pity that the Rank & File models have only just been released. A few years ago they would have been a real option.

Agreed. I might be able to sneak a lord or two in but given the size it’d be tough to have a unit of Scibor infantry juxtaposed against some other infantry. I have a couple of the lord sculpts that I’m waffling on ways to integrate.

EDIT: adding size comparison with the lord I have on hand


Thank you! Maybe as a special unit but mixing seems difficult.


Oh, they seem huge… Thats too bad. :confused:

Scibor now has more evil dwarfs on offer:





Do you have a link, the pics are teeny-weeny… :stuck_out_tongue:

You were too fast … now they are easier to see!

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I like how, to me at least, these models bridge a gap between the more oldschool somewhat silly looks and the newer bigger and more brutal aesthetics. You guys are making it really hard to not blow all my money on models…

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Great style, like it a lot… just wish he would stop using the same face for every miniature and make an actual dwarf face for once…


@Zanko amazing minis!! I love the beaky dude especially

@Sjoerdo i actually really like the faces of scibor dwarfs. What I don’t like is the fact I can rarely afford their minis haha.

:notes: I’m just a poor boy from a poor family :notes: