Old glory steam tank!

Hi there,
Ive asked old glory uk if they can get me a steam tank which is only available from the american website

Zanko has a painted one in his blog
Its perfect for an old school chaos dwarf steam tank.
Andys response is below:

Yes I can get those for you.

Indeed I can get any of the Ghost Miniature Fantasy range . I simply don’t have space to carry stock.

The model would cost £40.00 plus postage from me to you – so in the UK this would be £5.00.

I can add any that you want to my next order to the USA but I doubt that will arrive before Christmas now.

Im going to order one as ive wanted it for years, just be aware its closer to 25mm scale so thats 3rd ed cds , ralpartha or macrocosm cd scale.

Anyone else fancy one?


I’m really looking forward to your colour scheme for the Steam Wagon, it’s guaranteed to be amazing! :beer:


I thought it was a custom build when I saw it @Zanko’s blog, and was wondering why he took gears for wheels. ^^"


Thank you for trusting me with such a conversion :hatoff:, unfortunately I am not so creative and skilful in converting / building. :smiley: