Old School Chaos Dwarfs of Tradera

Not mine, just thought Id share if someones looking. No idea if the price is resonable, but didn’t look too bad…


I think that the prices for the old 3rd edition models are just completely crazy now. They are no longer adequate at all, and are probably only used as speculative objects. I was annoyed that I paid 12 € for the last MM90 model. The normal CDs have cost 5 €. I know I am old and only talk about the “good old days” … :wink:

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@Zanko I thinks it’s more a question of supply and demand. There is a finite number of models on the market and people who collect them are generally not old enough such that a significant number gets freed up again. I’ve been observing this trend across everything OOP since I got back into the hobby around 2017/2018 but it got really bad from 2020 onwards. I honestly don’t bother with eBay anymore unless I’m looking for something very specific.

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Haha, jupp more old horders should sell their collections to bring down prices… :sweat_smile: :thinking: