Old school miniatures lammasu teaser

Looks good to me!


This is an older model, isn’t it?
Which manufacturer is it from, please?


Brand new model. Going to come out soon, along with an army of chaos dwarves sculpted by john pickford. Maybe a few by a cdo member - clam. It is his range after all.
As long as they arent too dear i think these will be hugely popular


oh very fancy, new sources are always great.

I hope to see more soon

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Old school miniatures is the company. They are on facebook

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We are on here too - the Lammasu can be ridden by our riders from Ewal Dvergar’s and might be part of the kickstarter or may be part of our next kickstarter which will be monsters - you can see another one in the picture.

We are looking for someone to paint one though so if someone would like one to paint let us know - you need to be able to take good photos of it


There are some really talented painters in here. It would be great to see one of them get the chance to show case you lammasu.

Yourself included Zodd, particularly with your old school niche.

I’d jump at the chance to paint one of these. I’m Northeast US based however so practically speaking not a top choice.

Very excited to see this miniature in all its glory!

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That’s a cool opportunity. I’m based in UK and would be happy to help as well. I’ll Dm you some images of my work :slight_smile:


Everyone here would love to, I’m based in Italy and would be so cool to paint your models!
Buy probably would be better off with other UK fellas I think for the costs and all xD