Oldhammer paints (Creature/Expert/Monster)

Not sure if this is of interest to anyone…

I was hunting to replace one of my old GW flip top paints from the ‘creature paint set’ and found this company does ‘nostalgia’ range which supposedly matches them all. Not sure if anyone has a favorite colour from long ago they are trying to match.



Not really other than beeing nostalgic… But loved those pots. They never seems to dry up. Mostly use Vallejo, some GW and a Wet Paellet these days.


Coat d’Arms still do all the original paints in the same containers. I’m finally finishing my last couple of pots from the original set I got

I’m not sure why you’d buy those paint sets though - I remember being really frustrated that the base set didn’t contain Goblin Green. This what at the time that every base was painted with that colour and I had dozens of Goblin models from the Warhammer box set that I could have practiced on instead of screwing up my Chaos Dwarfs. All I got was Forest Green, which was too dark for most things and didn’t mix well. My only GW store was too far, so it was months before I got the right paint. I digress.

They are some weird colour selections. There are a few colours in the nostaglia set that actually aren’t covered by coat d’arms (hogoblin orange and swamp brown for instance). That’s actually how I found them, I was trying to figure out the matching to coat d’arms and the charts never covered a few of the colours from the sets.

I think they cover a slightly later, and probably more rationale, colour palete.