Oldschool Miniatures - Introduction

I to my shame have only joined this forum today. Which is remiss of me

I am Jamie Loft the owner and main dogs body at Oldschool Miniatures

OSM started in 2016 by accident when I agreed to under right the production of the demon cannon. It went well and we did a Kickstarter which then lead to ski dwarfs at that point my business partner decided he didn’t want to run a minature company. It was probably a wise decision - running a company and packing minis takes a lot of time and effort for little financial reward and takes me away from painting and playing with these wonderful minis.

The philosophy of the minis we create is models that could have come out of GW 1985-1992

Chaos Dwarfs have been core to our company since we started expanding with baggage train and civilians and now we have become the new home for Ewal Dvergars.

We also do a small range of evil space dwarfs and giants along with a huge selection of demons.

Oh yes one finally thing - we are EU friendly - we have registered for VAT in the UK so prices for RoW are now cheaper than ever and we collect and pay EU VAT on your behalf avoiding the pesky VAT+handling fee we have seen since Brexit.



Hi Jamie, we here are well aware of your company :slight_smile:

it’s great Calm’s minis have found a new home, you will find there is already a thread regarding your KS on the forum!


Great minis. I have 2 of the ass cannons


Lovely miniatures. On your website you write that your miniatures contain lead – the original Clam miniatures were apparently made of lead free pewter (judging from appearance and Griffin Moulds also supplies Admiralty miniatures which definitely are lead-free). For your Kickstarter minis, did the alloy change to your in-house lead containing pewter or did you keep the old alloy? Don’t want to sound alarmist or anything but for me personally the (high) lead content is the single largest barrier to Oldhammer minis.


So lead figures, well every metal mini made since the 70s is made of Pewter which is a tin allow. Back in the 70s that would be 70% tin and 28% lead and 2% other. Lead free modern minis are 90% tin and 10% other. Modern pewter is 85-90 tin and 4-7 lead then other.

So, what do we use. We use what ever works best in the mould. Some stuff is lead free other stuff contains small amounts of lead. I wouldn’t chew them if I were you but really there is very little risk. I would wear a mask if drilling a lot but I do that with resin and plastic too.


Why just two surely you need a third