One-off: A tzeentch worshipping chaos dwarf

I just made this dude as a fun thing to do. Was inspired by the marauder chaos dwarfs.


Wonderful stuff!! really clean Greenstuffing. welcome to the forum! I’m sure I’m not alone in saying, why not moarrrrr?

Change loves company…


Looks great. I like the shoulder pad especially. Surely a unit of 10 beckons?
I’m looking for a cheap disc of tzeentch to put a sorcerer onto. My chaos dwarves mostly favour tzeentch or slanesh, unless they are very angry or sick…

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Some high level sculpting on display on here!!! Why a one off?! Do more! Haha

Great work mate


Great work, as the others have pointed out, amazing greenstuffing, would love to know how you manage to get it so crisp.

Sharp and clean sculpting! Wonderful design as well. Lovely results. A budding professional sculptor in the making? :wink:


Beautiful. I saw this on Reddit and was strongly considering doing a unit of my own… until I saw how much chopping work would be required to get those arms!

Oh, looks great! Nice sculpting, would love to see some more. :slight_smile:
…and welcome to the forum! :hatoff:

The shoulder pauldron is super clean and nice.
Looking forward to seeing more!

That shoulder pad is top level quality! So clean! I envy you sculptors!!
And welcome!! :chaos2:

Lovely sculpting there mate, incredibly clean and professional

Welcome aboard :hatoff: