Plunder for the Ironclad Fleet [Dec 12 2023 - Pa Rum BumBumBum]

I did really love how that hat was lowering onto the giant, reminded me of the jousting knights in full plate being lowered onto their horses but WAAAAAY cooler! It was a great idea and well executed I thought, great entry mate :hatoff:


Thanks! I thought it was cool I wasn’t the only one that thought of a siege giant in the middle of the “assembly” process.

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I love both your and @Goltor 's assembly art! Great idea to have the hat winched down, and kudos for the god-horns and clever Chaos arrow blunderbuss nests on the tower hat. Very neat stuff!

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Been mostly away from CDO for a while so catching up on your thread has been a blast. Especially looking forward to your finished Kdaai Destroyer. Wow! Keep up the awesome work!


Thanks a bunch! Glad to have you back

About time I finished a unit for the Reavers! I definitely found painting these a very different experience compared to the older style Russian Alternative Infernal Guard I painted previously. These ones forced me to put some effort into faces though, I’ve been enjoying learning how to use warcolours translucent violet and translucent flesh.

Who am I kidding though, this unit is all about blundertortoise-bussface.


Looking great!!! Loving the fire effects inside the guns


Credit to @LaketideMiniatures for the motivational blunderbuss posting.


They look brilliant. Well done :hashut:

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a list of Really Cool Things about these

The skulls & command plume really “pop” because of the overall pallet

as everyone will say, your barrel colouring is really special, i’d love to hear what order you painted it in? darks going in from the edge?

their skin tone and eyes make them really evil, what’s your approach for skin?


This skin scheme is a pretty new style to me. Unfortunately I can’t share yet the model that I think best represents what I was aiming for.

  1. Basecoat with Ushabti Bone before washing with DIY Agrax Earthshade equivalent
  2. Moosh some transparent violet around to give most of it some tint, being sure to get the deepest areas of the face (this also gives some synergy with my scheme which introduces violet in small ways)
  3. Hit the raised areas with flesh 5
  4. If a more important model can layer in some transparent flesh for a slightly different cheek/lip hue (skipped this for the infantry)
  5. Smaller hit of flesh 2 to the nose and cheeks (although given the hat brim overhang for the cheeks I dumbed the flesh 2 down a bit with flesh 5 mixed in)

Worth noting I work steps 2-5 all approximately during the working time of step 2. @warcolours paint has a great working time for blending. If one of the highlights goes awry I just pick up one of the transparent colors to blend it out.


Had to think about this one. Pretty sure I tried it both ways, both of which started with a stippled white center, and another pass of white in the center of the center. Most I believe were done from dark to light, stippling such that the brush tends to force the lights outward into the darks for blending and not the reverse (don’t wan’t the darker colors to impinge on the center too much). Did this all wet so it was a pretty fluid process.

If going dark to light have to be somewhat careful to wipe the brush a bit before switching to not drag the brightness down. In some cases I definitely revisited with a yellow and a bit of white after the first pass dried to brighten the result.

The red 5 was really just used to tint the leadbelcher outside of the blast region. The majority of the result is carried by the yellow and orange.


Amazing work yet again, I really enjoyed hearing about all these on the podcast too great job!!

Nice skin recipe too, very dark very nice


No small amount influenced by that exquisitely painted ugly mug for your infernal guard champ! My coarse riff on it anyway


Ran out of stuff to paint at home so had time to translate a scribbly piece of loose leaf into a page in my lore book. Hopefully this gives me some motivation to finish painting the titular warmachine.


Nice drawings mate :love_you_gesture:


Nicely done! Keep em coming. Look forward to seeing your war machine done.

Sometimes it takes a while to get the motivation to proceed. Still have to paint up the CD pirate force for my Nautiloid Sub, and the crew to my dragon cannon built several years ago. Somehow I never get to laying paint on those.


Fosche syndrome hits hard with completed big kitbashes sometimes. I’ll be sitting there forgetting that one actually has to move the paintbrush around for anything to change.

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Cleaning my phone today realized these sketches inspired by @chitzkoi ATWD stories never made an appearance here. Mostly including them for the sake of completeness. Definitely will need to revisit the sketchbook when I read some of the newer segments.


Challenge Accepted Meet the Brothers Djinn

Since I already have a siege giant, Golden Hat XXXVI was the perfect chance to try something different. Thankfully the idea generation phase took all of about 30 seconds of scrolling through the previous giant themed Artisan’s Contest where @Loidrial left wonderfully evocative concept art just sitting there for somebody to pick up.

During a Scibor sale I split this kit of berserkers with a buddy. I ended up with just these two that were a little too aesthetically different and scale different to fit in other units, despite my lore-splaining trying to convince myself to use them. I was happy to use the Scibor minis here since the slightly larger size could imply that they are expanding to their (perhaps even giant sized) final spectral form. Aside from being inspired by the giant Artisan’s Contest this was the only additional rationale I had for entering in the giant Golden Hat.

First thing I did was head straight to the Dremel tool with these neglected minis, they’d been in the grey pile too long and it was time to knock out two in one go! Surgery removed the legs and saved them for a later date in which I can hopefully create something slightly more in-scale with other CD minis. Luckily the loose hand bits already had the bracelets to match Eddy’s art. I just had to cut the arm near the elbow and attach the forearm to the hand, hollowing out the joints a bit with the dremel to create the gaps.

These originally dual wield hammers but I liked the idea that these two Djinn were chained together and crammed into a single amphora. I drilled out the hammer handles from a pair of hands and chained them together which helped declutter the model a bit and made me think these brothers were imprisoned to eternally serve based on some slight against a sorcerer during their living years.

Most difficult part was getting a wireframe to match the pose I wanted and still leave the gaps matching the reference art. I decided to lean into the spirity Djinniness when needed but tried to exercise clever attachments like the corner of the hammer to minimize the extra spirit weaving I’d need. This took a lot of time, wire, and baking soda glued to my hand to accomplish. Unfortunately got a small infection in my finger from stabbing myself with wire. Green stuffing helped to confirm the pose I landed on had good negative space.

Since I didn’t want to add a scale reference dwarf like the reference art I ended up going for the ceramic amphora being stabbed into a crevice as if they are summoned in some magmic invocation. The base was somewhat plain still which resulted in the idea of the lava rising up due to the summoning perhaps to imbue their lava hammers with power.

Not much to comment on painting really. A lot of Warcolours transparent violet pushed around and a couple of bright metals to make the bracelets and beard ornaments pop. Long winded description of a fun build… If I had to guess, these will be very fitting as troop filler for my unit of immortals… but more on that later…

EDIT: Scale ref. added