Plunder for the Ironclad Fleet [Dec 12 2023 - Pa Rum BumBumBum]

Took a long time for this to come full circle. Looking forward to the next emissary exchanges and the 'round the world sculptapaloozathon


Behold some not very exciting and altogether far too time consuming unit filler for a surprise infantry regiment I’m working toward, a retinue to accompany my recent emissary from @Xander … More to come in the near future, pending a bit of international shipping.

I’d like to say this was all just as planned… but… In the process of acquiring some gnoblar bits that will end up in my Walhut Heresy project… The other ogre bits used here just came along for the ride, and I’m happy they did.

Started off making a few bases of camp supplies. The barrel with scoop was an absolute must-use piece that I reveled upon finding it buried in the bits bag.

Also note the use of rope doing regular rope things @chitzkoi … Being stored for future survival situations that require legitimate use of rope: Lashing gear together, towing equipment, setting up shelters, rappelling down your Ziggurat to clean off all the elven blood, heavy duty clothes line for hanging up (dangerously heavy @Oxymandias ) trousers and undertrousers. It’s amazing how useful rope can be, best not to squander it.

Rope tangent over. Rope for the rope god, knots for the knot throne! Okay now I’m done.

This slave ogre was a long process for me. Started off as just arms, head, and wireframe. Lucky to have scored one of the helmed heads we just saw appear in the Artisans Contest entry by @Iceman . Slapped the gutplate (with slave rune that @Antenor spotted straight away) on when the belly was suitably rotund. Had to do some thumb surgery since I only had left hands. As has been the recent theme on CDO, I like how he looks from the rear with his chain weight. Not perfect but hopefully some paint will make up the difference. It was good practice and I think he’ll fit in the unit nicely.

Here’s an early WIP


Hot damn!


Very cool, I really like that gutplate


So good dude, really cool. Love the Persian style shoes.


Behold what can only be described as “a kingly gift” from @Xander as part of The Great Unification. Finished up with some troop filler and an attempt at mimicry on the paint style of his emissary to the Ironclad Fleet, Xrakir. Stacked a musician and banner conversion on top of his wonderfully converted dwarfs. I’ve been meaning to use this mini mortar for a kitbash and the spare hellcannon crew fit the bill nicely. I think in the end the unit represents the retinue and their camp supplies as I was hoping.


So all the normal dwarves xander gave you? They look great, love the helmets. The whole unit looks very nice.

Does this mean xander is updating his chaos dwarf collection?

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These are a bunch of normal dwarfs that Xander had already converted to Chaos Dwarfs before I took them the very short way remaining across the finish assembly line, and then on to paint.

Mayhaps this will be some motivation for him to light the forges of Hashut?


There is no such thing as “Normal” Dwarfs. There is pathetic, pale, vapid, mealy mouthed scum who are little more than squished down elve’sss in there demeanor.
And then there is us the Dawi Zharr. Superior, Regal from lowest warrior to highest Sorcerer. Rightful Overlords of all that lives.


A thousand slaves to the forge to praise your exalted works! These look fantastic!


Just WoW This army showcase blew my mind i almost feel like i wana try get a kharadon ship and try convert it to be a CD war vessel :slight_smile: what youve done with this army is a huge inspiration to me and thank you for that… even when The oathbreakers come out they woulndt match tour army cause theres so much depth and uniqueness and thourght put info planing,building and painting respect and cudoes from me


Extremely kind words! I hope to see some blimpy Chorf conversions from you soon. Lay claim to those ideas now before the Oathbreakers cometh!


In the name of the flipper, the whiskers and the holy tusk. Amen.


I’m honored that you have birthed this phrase on my blog.

Blubber for the blubber god, tusks for the tusk throne!


We need to do a walhut religious quote thread

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right. Changing my blog name to Blubber for the ironclad fleet then



Seems like you’ve got blimpy company in @Madsha89

The Skullkraken come a knockin!

Link to WIP since this was seemingly aaaages ago. About 1 year B.W. (Before Walhut)

Link to my sketchbook lore that failed to motivate me to finish painting.

Why was this a struggle? I may never know fully, but it being utterly dumped on and eclipsed by my asskraken is certainly partially to blame. Although the weathering powders and violet tie-ins from the asscannon definitely found their way into this scheme.

Mecha-owl and cephalopod helmet hellcannon shoveler for the total victory though…


Mate, this is great! It’s a perfect perfect asskraken companion! Love it!

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Lol… yeah… that hit like a ton of bricks…