Plunder for the Ironclad Fleet [Dec 12 2023 - Pa Rum BumBumBum]

My first Lamassu! I have to say this model from @oldschoolminis is an absolute behemoth. Sitting on a 50mm x 80mm base, it will surely outweigh almost anything in my predominantly resin/plastic chorf collection. I’m happy to have a chance to work on this lovely centerpiece and look forward to getting some paint on it!

I made an attempt at a new lava splash technique that uses thin plastic melted over a candle. Tutorial from here modified since I didn’t have the correct water effects. I let some pva glue 75% dry before applying it and moving it around a bit for texture. Hoping this turns out decent after I chuck some paint at it.

Couldn’t resist one small Reaver familiar.


Looks amazing so far. The lava splash effect looks awesome (may have to try that), and love the tiny kraken/octopus at the back of the base. What a brute of a model! Look forward to seeing it painted!


Awesome work on that base! Also, love how you keep churning out your little familiars. I’m sure this is going to look great painted.


Thanks! I enjoy taking trash and trying to make it into something moderately realistic for basing. Kind of a hobby within the hobby for me at this point since I don’t have the living space to scratch the terrain itch often.

Would love to see your take on it combined with your clean OSL. Seems like a great match.

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@Reaver I plan to try it. The process looks pretty straightforward aside from the fact that I typically just paint my lava flows on without a ton of texture. Time to up my basing game I think. Cheers,


Certified madness, beware of image dump, forum memes, and silly ideas aplenty. You’ve seen them all before, but now with some colors! The sorcerer prophet’s mechanical palanquin wades amongst his creations, servants, and betentacled friendos. He is the messiah of madness.

Lavalings un-pave the way in front of their sorcerous lord, leveling off any potholes that might impede the mecha-lobster palanquin. Floating not very high the ashen-one keeps a singular eye on them, binding them to their Tjubbly forms. Also seen pissing its way to the front rank is the baby lake-ness monster and one of many dagger tail cancers. Can you count them all in this post?

Speaking of Ashen-one. 4 obscure Fromsoftware references are lead by the Onion Bubs sword bearer. Now that Elden Ring is out doubtlessly I will need to make an Alexander the Warrior Jar, now accepting applications to add to my list for unit number 2. Props to anyone that can untangle the snek ball and figure out which games these are from.

Sharksnik and Gobblar. Pretty sure I have their roles reversed.

Doot Doooot! Spewed the clam as the wheelbarrow wheel squeaked loudly. Woooosh went the jetpack cuttlefish, tentacles flapping in the wind. Boing went the pixar clam… I don’t know what sound bowls with feet make but I like to think of it as either A: the sorcerer’s personal paper shredder or B: some form of memory storage pensieve. Or bowlth… oof move on from that pun and keep reading at your own peril.

Lots of originals here. To think this started as exclusively steampunk familiars. The audacity that I could fathom stopping after creating a daemonic steam hookah. Overkill considering the sorcerer is smoking a pipe as well, doubtlessly convenient having the hookah close by at all times regardless.

Praise the Warlus and accompanying cosplay gnoblars. Hook hand Bottjer and his fragile bird bones… the one that carries that barrel… and the aspirant unmade that’s really self conscious and hiding his nose until the day it gets flayed off.

Last the shackled minders of the bizarre bazaar. Grimly flayed faces for belt buckles, point-ed sticks… they don’t fit in at all but maybe that’s why they fit in. Imagine their sordid painful laughter as they lament their objectively hilarious task. But someone has to keep the warlus lubed and whip that tottering bowl with feet into what little action it can muster.

There’s also a fun spot the Admiralty Minis bits challenge in here. Good luck there’s a few tricky ones.


Amazing update! Love it! My absolute favourite of the completely chaotic unit goes to the onion imp knight with amazing flaming sword. Love the purples and the fire effects. Great job!


These are incredible! Absolutely gorgeous stuff here!


Amzing creativity and imagination. Love it!


I’ve spent about 20 minutes so far, trying to spot all of the Admiralty Miniatures bits in your wonderful creations :thinking:
Damn, it’s harder than it sounds…I’ve lost count many times, changed my mind, discovered some cleverly hidden ones, and have come to the realization that your creativity is grander than my feeble attempt at counting.
These are superb!
I’m at a loss of words (and counting) for how much Hashut must love you, you mad mad Daemonsmith


Amazing unit! Truly a work of love and freewheeling creativity. The conversions are the work of a genius, nothing short of it. This regiment stands out even amongst all the wild ideas and mad creations on CDO. What a beautiful sight.

Also, great counting and guessing games!

From the pictures in this post I count:

6 dagger tail cancers.

4 Tjublings by @tjub (love the propeller hat, a homage to @Uther.the.unhinged ?).

2 ceramic bowls among the steampunk familiars.

1 big hat by @Fuggit_Khan on the octopirate.

So, 7 AM bits? :smiley:


High compliments from all. Thank you all very much. I’m glad you enjoy the equivalent of stream of consciousness hobbying.

@Admiral I think you only missed one particularly curvaceous @Fuggit_Khan hat and the littlest daggertail (admittedly not good pictures of the latter). Good eyes on the sneaky ceramics and the octo-hat which doesn’t have any dedicated new photos since it’s an older piece. On that note the sorcerer’s hat should also be counted. It’s a barely converted Fuggit Hat as well which I completely forgot about.

The micro daggertail and the curvy hat are very close to each other in fact!


Second update on the @oldschoolminis Lamassu. Made it through the priming and base-coating and I have to say I’m happy with the starting point. On to brushwork!

Here’s a link to an instagram time-lapse video of the airbrushing

The real key players here are @warcolours Flesh 5, translucent flesh, and translucent violet!


Wow. Such a brilliant, and completely whimsical collection of models. The daemonic steam hookah is awesome and hillarious! Loving this stuff. Inspiring, and makes me want to model some more crazy stuff!


As @oldschoolminis has shared here the mystical Lamassu has arrived. Overall quite pleased with the result and the palette of colors. Truly a stunning miniature befitting the holiest creature of Hashut.

I went straight to @Zoddtheimmortal ‘s realm for inspiration on the armor and dino-cape color. Not quite as daring in the color selection but I dipped a toe out of my comfy grey boat into the whimsical sea of zodd.

Enjoyed working the skin blends over large surface areas on a big model. A good change of pace from my recent efforts.

For anyone curious these are the colors used for the skin tone over a zenithal prime. @warcolours transparents do a lot of the heavy lifting both in airbrush and regular brush stages. (Farthest to the right bottle is a DIY black wash)


That source lighting is divine. Bravo. And gorgeous miniature to boot.


Divine bovine. Man this is awesome! Great model and superb paintjob!


Long time no reave ya filthy landlubbers.

Domicile relocation, settling in, summer heat, and a serious painting slump have hit hard.

What better way to get cracking again than with Reaver’s Familiars 2: The Goo, the Mad, and the Tentacly. “Accidental” accumulation created this first batch: Contest prizes, a rogue Kickstarter, Old School Minis orders, and some doesn’t-want-to-paint sculpting energy.

First up, this very piratey hook monster by @ATOM with some @tjub rubble. (Highly recommend Tjubrubble for quick basing decoration). I went with a simple Kabutops scheme as that’s where my mind instantly traveled. 10/10 model and I think it will be very menacing towering over smaller familiars.

Two pickups from one of my few miniatures orders this year. An octopod and a bonus toxic monster that @oldschoolminis tossed in my box. I could’ve worked this slimy boy as a lava monster but I’ve trod that path so much I saw him as more of an oily tar demon almagamated from the goo of a Daemonsmith’s many creations. Imagine the cesspit of seepage beneath this piece of arsetistry.

@Oxymandias and @Zoddtheimmortal have pushed me into the chaotic undersea realm of square pants for some great familiar ideas. This is only the beginning of shameless repurposing… The other creature on the right is a land octopus from Elden Ring to accompany my other Fromsoft familiars lineup.

Lastly, I really enjoyed these Models from @G-or-G Kickstarter. Only good things to say. It was a seamless kickstarter, fast, and great quality. The models are fun to paint and quite characterful.


Great pieces here as usual… :slight_smile:
Truly a blog/army of madness, love the odd additions like the hook monster!
Nice idea for the Tjubling as well, a broken statue fits the base well. :idea1:


I love to hear that, thanks for sharing & REALLY GREAT painting works!!!

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