Plunder for the Ironclad Fleet [Jun 10 2022 - Lamassu Painted]

Nice work; the Khadron Overlords look a bit too ‘techy’ for Fantasy to me, but you’ve still managed to make them work well. Looking forward to seeing more from you :slight_smile:

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Very nice that you also came here to pay your respects to Hashut.

I am looking forward to many more photos and a lot of inspiration, also for my own project.

I can definitely see that and you are not alone with that thought. I like the models and wanted an excuse to convert them… scuba dwarfs seemed like the most adjacent I could try to pull off. The project honestly started with converting a single BioShock Big Daddy… and as the hobby usually does, it evolved into a much larger endeavor.


I hope to be more active here than I have been on the legacy site of late. I’ve been tied up trying to finish some old loose ends including Dreadfleet but there are a few projects I’m itching to return to.

Glad to see your blog back! I‘m looking forward to witnessing the further growth of this army.

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Before I start bombarding this thread with content from my old blog I figured I’d start with something new (to me). Dreadfleet’s Black Kraken has always been eye candy and more recently a source of inspiration for my army. Through the fickle (yet sometimes fortuitous) winds of eBay I’m happy to finally own a copy of the game and have this painted up.


Love it all! Great work! :smiley:

Great stuff! I wouldn’t mind if we got turned into CD pirates in AoS, that could be so cool… But who knows.
Superb blog stucture as well, I should do something similar when I get going as well. :+1:

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Oh yeah, maybe some kind of twisted Kharadron. Would make a lot of sense, actually. But would probably be too close to regular kharadron. :thinking:

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to transfer over to Discourse.

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Great clean paintjob and that wonderful mini, I always thought it was a shame they didn’t build on this for us (still could) so it’s great to see a blog like that has built up everything around such a good starting point

I’d also echo what tjub said about the blog setup, great idea, looking forward to more :vulcan_salute:t2:

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Time to start transferring over some of my old posts just for the sake of completeness. Apologies for the redundancy.

Whilst this wasn’t the first Chaos Dwarf miniature I owned, he was a fun kick off to my ambitions. I used him as a test model for basing and paint scheme as I switched over to Vallejo. As my first completed Dawi-Zharr it seemed appropriate to write a bit of background lore for him.


Before and after quick conversion of the Black Powder Rebels Iron Rain Hill Giant, a miniature I’ve owned since my childhood days of collecting Mage Knights (direct precursor to my Warhammer obsession). I tried to leave some of the details like the tattoos intact to preserve my nostalgia. Added a few symbols transferred using green stuff in blue stuff moulds and abused my green stuff roller for beardination. Also alongside this project I’ve been messing around with creating army symbols to transfer to other models with blue stuff. At some point I’d like to post a step by step process of making these bases, next time I remember to take pictures at intermediate stages. Side note: an upside down 1x1 LEGO cone makes a quick tall hat. I’ll also never tire of using watch movements and toothed lock washers for detailing.


Work in progress photos of my Golden Hat XXXII entry

Spent many enjoyable hours converting and kitbashing each model in the unit. The idea started off as just a couple of naval repair dwarfs for my daemonsmith’s retinue. When the contest theme was announced I was inspired to try and scratch together a unit. First of all, I’ve always liked the Bioshock aesthetic so top priority was to sneak in a Big Daddy. The angler fish helmet concept spiraled into various other aquatic creature style helmets. Even though they’re not big hats the helmets were my main attempt to depart from the AoS Kharadron look, that and generally adding more steampunk cogs and pointy dark elf bits. Really had to scavenge my bits box to cobble together enough backpacks but overall I think the variation is a plus, hard to pick a favorite.


Painted unit of Bleak Water Divers (Chaos Dwarf Warriors)

Simple but fun paint scheme using mostly Vallejo metals and a little bit of lore to accompany the unit. Tried to keep the scheme from becoming too bright despite the heavy use of metals. Not sure if I’ll bash any more Kharadron models since I used so many of my favorite bits in that range; I certainly enjoyed these ones but I exhausted a lot of the tricks up my sleeve. (I may have to pick up some bits from the airships in the future for big projects though…)

I really appreciate all of the feedback and kind words from everyone, I am happy to be a part of such an inspiring community to share my work.


Wonderful army project, love the journal entries! If only Id been better at drawing Id do the same. :slight_smile:

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Love your big daddy! I’ve made a couple of those myself:

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Fantastic army! I love the kharadron conversions.

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Awesome! I considered a Rosie as well. Maybe some day.

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Here are a few WIP images of my steampunk basing and troop filler. The concept was the deck or internals of an ironclad with a few open vats that would lead to broadside magma cannons or steam boilers (also to tie in the basing of other units in my army). The troop filler pieces are supposed to be a weighted personnel platform to lower divers into the water, a capstan, and a torpedo repair bench.

For materials I used MDF, watch movements, clock gears, wire mesh, various wires, and a Saran Wrap metal tear strip for spiky trim. I also used baking soda sprinkled over superglue to provide a little ashen texture in spots, particularly to break up the larger areas of MDF or cover unsightly gaps. Tossed on a few rivets to finish them off. These were a fun salvage project and well worth the effort (easy to paint too).