Plunder for the Ironclad Fleet [Jun 10 2022 - Lamassu Painted]

:point_up_2:t2: yes I’d like to see him on a nice raised base much like your K’Daai champion, both so that he stands out worthy of the effort you’ve put in but also for convenience (if you play) as the spell will o over most other mini on the board if he’s raised up

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All great points. I was considering magnetizing him to some kind of palanquin or altar. So far a sorcerer lord on lamassu conversion concept has been elusive for me despite the wealth of reference material out there… someday something will coalesce on the workbench


Plenty of impressing stuff here, and great realization of the theme!

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Oh I like the idea of a palanquin, not done too much either so be nice to see what that would look like

I know what you mean about the Lamassu, now I’ve gone with the newer LoA minis it’s something that been wracking my brain too :thinking: let us know when you find something :man_shrugging:t2:

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I will certainly report back with lamassu WIPs someday for feedback. It’s such an iconic Chaos Dwarf creature that I can’t go without.


Finally got around to basing some war machines I’ve had painted for quite some time. Figured I’d put together WIP shots of the process. It took me a while of researching to settle on a lava DIY scheme that I was satisfied with and was achievable for an army of Dawi-Zharr. While some of my more naval units have steampunk style basing to represent ironclad decking, I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to create lava bases for the more land raiding Reavers that leave a cracked fiery desolation wherever they pillage.

As with many of the best projects, things start by smashing stuff with a hammer. I use scavenged slate or other rocks that fracture into layers. I prefer to take my anger out on landscaping rocks looted from elven garden patios or poolside villas. Difficult part is achieving randomness with the cracks while also fitting the base and providing surface area for the miniature.

Next, I close up gaps with green stuff, cut green stuff spheres in half for bubbles (every time I have a bit leftover I just roll it into a ball), scatter some patches of sand & baking soda ash, and liberally apply Mod Podge to the lava surface to give it some variation (and smooth it out if it’s a GW base).

With airbrush: prime black, come back over lava with a few coats of white, and try to pick out some orange if possible.

Re-blackinate white overspray as needed and drybrush with grays. Wet blend using Warcolours fire set plus dark brown and white.

Usually a second pass at the wet blending where needed, add small areas of drybrushed orange/yellow glow to rock overhangs, scatter (without thinking too hard) brown/black floaty crustules. That’s pretty much it, thanks for reading!


Wow, epic bases! Worth saving among the tutorials. :slight_smile:

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I finally have an army picture to update the top of my blog. Have some Russian Alternative infantry in the mail to supplement but I figured it was about time.


Glorious! Such a diverse set of miniatures, yet it all fits together splendidly. Something to be proud of, this army! :hatoff:

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Breathtaking work. Your conversions are a true inspiration.

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So many very very cool models, great to see them all in one big pic

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A great looking army you have there. The plethora of conversions make for a stunning group of models!

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Thanks all for the kind words, makes me want to keep churning out models in Hashut’s name. I’m excited put hammer to anvil on some new (and old) conversions that are thus far piles of bits and percolating ideas.

For now, here’s a decidedly not converted magma cannon that finally has a base to call home (took me long enough). I will say that Forgeworld graciously left me with some arduous heat gun work to straighten out the chassis. Worth it in the end.


Lava effects are gorgeous in this.

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Both the magma cannon and the lava base look phenomenal!

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And here’s the first of two Iron Daemons. Nothing new or converted but happy to give it a dais to sit on and more formally post it. Again, a lot of work to clean up and assemble. Painted the wheels, crew, and hubcaps of death separately but everything else was one satisfyingly large piece.

Ordered straight from Forgeworld (which I usually never do) but caught a stroke of luck… it arrived with slightly smaller Dreadquake wheels. FW sent me a whole second Iron Daemon kit for free since they had to make a new mold and it took forever. Happy to wait for free stuff!

I like this model without converting but having a guilt free second copy to hack up with a dremel… That’s more like it.


Beautiful work as always. Can’t wait to see what you make of the second one.

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By the blessing of Hashut, here is the Iron Daemon I converted using parts from my free kit. Chassis is one of the 40k Servohaulers with a widened wheelbase (treadbase?) to make it more squat looking. Drilled out the main engine of the resin Iron Daemon to create the stack and salvaged a few lower bodies for conversions (see Sorcerer of Hashut). The front flag-dwarf is a Mage Knight mini with added periscope hat and beard. There are still a lot of parts leftover from the FW kit including two crew that will find a home soon enough… Not to mention the 2 remaining servohaulers to continue sprinkling Mechanicus bits amongst my war machines.


Awesome conversion and executed beautifully! A really great use of parts. The guy coming out of the boiler (what I would normally expect to be a boiler) is hilarious in part because of the fit, but wonderfully characterful. A beautiful little CD steam tank. Well done!


Thanks! I’ll leave it up to the imagination how he gets his stout self and large hat up to the lookout position. Hilarity admittedly outweighs practicality from time to time… Perhaps a steam powered lift or maybe a pile of slaves, regardless it must be a tight squeeze :upside_down_face:

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