Plunder for the Ironclad Fleet [Jun 14 2024 - Deathcargot]

My journey to Uzkulak began in 2003 with a simple gift from a fellow fantasy enthusiast, a single metal Warhammer miniature. It all started in the ancient lands of Nehekara before I set off to ply the coasts of Lustria alongside legions from The Galleon’s Graveyard. A whisper and a promise of power lured me into the realm of chaos. After some untold period of time serving the machinations of Tzeentch I found myself wandering the Dark Lands seeking once again the glory of the high seas. Amongst the industrious Dawi-Zharr and their nightmarish hell-forged creations I found my path…

I want to thank this community for providing ever-present motivation and inspiration as well as keeping the forges of Zharr aflame. My hope is to share progress with you all as I slowly collect, convert, and paint my Reavers of Uzkulak. Alas my time of lurking is over, let us weigh anchor and plunder in Hashut’s name!

I’m excited about this new platform, I’ve migrated my old blog content here and should be keeping the table of contents up to date.


Recently painted units and some of my favorite finished work.

Bleak Water Divers - Chaos Dwarf Warriors

Daemonsmiths Halkezhar the Shipwright and Shadohz Mosag

Slave Giant

Pyromancer Izkesh and his conflagration of K’Daai

Magma Cannon


Selected conversions, current projects on my bench, and unpainted kitbashes. Often (almost always) this is my favorite part of the hobby. I enjoy making my own bases, using household or found items, messing around with green stuff, and slapping all of that together with bits from as many kits as I can get my hands on.


Aside from my partiality toward nautical themes and the attendant conversion potential I was also drawn to Uzkulak by tales yet untold, exploring the mysteries of the bustling slave-port, the daemonic metal enginery, and the Reavers that set forth to have their names scribed in the annals of infamy.

As I collect and paint miniatures I will endeavor to keep my lore companion book up to date with named character background stories, accounts of the faction’s history, concept sketches, and anything else I find noteworthy. In other words, sometimes I fancy picking up a pen instead of a paintbrush.


A living catalogue of my army composition, to-dos, and wishlist. In the future perhaps battle reports will live here. As I paint units the summary tabs will contain a picture and a link to the relevant post.

Army List

Ready to Embark:

:crown: Lords & Heroes

Halkezhar the Shipwright (Daemonsmith)

See Full Post

Shadohz Mosag (Daemonsmith)

See Full Post

Izkesh the Baleful (Pyromancer)

See Full Post

Asuruthan the Mad (Lord)

See Full Post

Slave Chieftain

See Full Post

Rimsin Ash Caster (Sorcerer of Hashut)

See Full Post

Astrazonk Pewterfist

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:crossed_swords: Infantry

Bleak Water Divers (Chaos Dwarf Warriors) x16

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Emissary Retinue (Chaos Dwarf Warriors) x24

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Infernal Guard with Fireglaives x14

See Full Post

Warriors with Blunderbusses x14

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Warriors with Great Weapons x20

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Immortals x20

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Slaves x40+

See Full Post

Familiars Unit 2x x50

See Full Post

See Full Post

Corsairs x32

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Hobgoblin Speargobs x24

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Bighat Blunderbusses x30

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:bomb: Warmachines

Magma Cannon

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Iron Daemon

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Nalhad's Despoiler (Iron Daemon)

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Asscannons x4

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Hippo Chariot (Skullcracker)

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Swivel Guns x2

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See Full Post


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Pirate Airship

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Metallic Cyclops

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Chaos Halfling Iron Beast

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:japanese_ogre: Monsters and Cavalry

Slave Giant

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K'Daai Fireborn x6

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Vulgar Militia on Deathcargot

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:gear: Still in the Dry Docks

  • Dreadquake
  • K’Daai Destroyer
  • 9 Asscannons

:package: Not yet Requisitioned

  • Innumerable fledgling conversion concepts
  • Bull Centaurs (LK)
  • Hobgoblins (LK Mongobbos)
  • OSM Boars

Ideally, as this blog grows I will curate this list of links to key posts for those seeking to navigate to something specific

Old School Miniatures

Lamassu WIP1 & WIP2 Painted Post
Octopod and Tar Monster Painted Post
Swivel Gun Kitbash Painted Post
Asscannon WIP Post Painted Post
Deathcargot Snails Post

Russian Alternative

Infernal Guard with Fireglaives WIP Post Painted Post
Chaos Dwarf Warriors with Blunderbusses WIP Post Painted Post
Chaos Dwarf Warriors with Great Weapons WIP Post Painted Post

Lost Kingdom

Immortals Post


Daemonsmith Post
K’Daai Fireborn Post
Magma Cannon Post
Iron Daemon Post
Iron Daemon / Servohauler Kitbash Post
Skullcracker Kitbash WIP Post 1 & WIP Post 2 Painted Post

Games Workshop

Black Kraken Post
Kharadron Infantry Kitbash WIP Post Painted Post
Kharadron Daemonsmith Kitbash Post
Skaven Slaves Post
Skaven Chieftain Post
Fyreslayer Pyromancer Kitbash Post 1 & Post 2
Hellcannon Post
Master of Madness Post
Asscannon/Servohauler Crane/Venomcrawler Kitbash WIP Post Painted Post
Servohauler Tenderizer WIP Post Painted Post
BFSP Xander Conversions WIP Post Painted Post
Swivel Gun Post
Corsairs Post

Scibor Miniatures

Scibor Miniatures Lord Post
Scibor Miniatures Brothers Djinn Conversion Post
Scibor Miniatures Emissary Post


Chaos Halfling Iron Beast Post

Red Bard Games

Ogres WIP Post
Asscannon Post
Pirate Airship Post
Castle Juggernaught Post
Metallic Cyclops Post

Miscellaneous Miniatures

Mage Knight Giant Post
Mage Knight Chariot WIP Post Painted Post
Mage Knight Axe Knight Post
Admiralty Miniatures Bazooka Team Post
Admiralty Miniatures Ceramics Post
Familiars Unit #1 WIP1, WIP2, WIP3, WIP4, WIP5, WIP6 Painted Post
Familiars Unit #2 Paint1, Paint2, Paint3, Paint4, Final Paint
Warlus WIP Post Painted Post
Sorcerer of Hashut on Palanquin Kitbash WIP1, WIP2, & WIP3 Painted Post
K’Daai Destroyer Kitbash WIP Post
Fabelzel Tjubling Palanquin Post
Battleforge Hobgoblin Spears Post
Zonk Sorcerer Post
Zonk Asscannon Post
Mixed Blunderbusses Post

Basing, Terrain, & Tutorials

Lava Basing Post
Steampunk Basing Post
Dancing Yak 3D Printed Statue Post
Movement Trays Post
Fleshtone Post
Movement Trays in Fusion 360 Post
Green Stuff Roll Maker Post
Grey Scale Painting Post
DIY Washes Post
Miniature Photography Post
Green Stuff Banners Post
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Army List as of March 6th 2023

Warhammer Fantasy 8th ed [4,040pts]

  • Lords [690pts]

    • Overlord [145pts]

    • Sorcerer-Prophet [275pts] Selections: The Mask of the Furnace [55pts]

    • Sorcerer-Prophet [270pts] Selections: Chalice of Blood and Darkness [50pts]

  • Heroes [230pts]

    • Daemonsmith [95pts]

    • Daemonsmith [95pts]

    • Hobgoblin Khan [40pts]

  • Core [1,300pts]

    • Chaos Dwarf Warriors [222pts]

      Selections: Castellan [10pts], 24x Chaos Dwarfs [192pts], Musician [10pts], Standard Bearer [10pts]
    • Chaos Dwarf Warriors [190pts]

      Selections: Castellan [10pts], 20x Chaos Dwarfs [160pts], Musician [10pts], Standard Bearer [10pts]
    • Chaos Dwarf Warriors [158pts]

      Selections: Castellan [10pts], 16x Chaos Dwarfs [128pts], Musician [10pts], Standard Bearer [10pts]
    • Devastators [212pts]

      Selections: Annihilator [10pts], Musician [10pts], Standard Bearer [10pts]
    • 14x Devastators [182pts]

    Selections: 14x Hailshot Blunderbuss

    • Hobgoblins [180pts]

      Selections: Hobgoblin Boss [10pts], 50x Hobgoblins [150pts], Musician [10pts], Standard Bearer [10pts]
    • Hobgoblins [150pts]

    Selections: Hobgoblin Boss [10pts], 40x Hobgoblins [120pts], Musician [10pts], Standard Bearer [10pts]

    • Infernal Guard [188pts]

    Selections: Deathmask [10pts], Standard Bearer [10pts]

    • 14x Infernal Guard [168pts]

    Selections: 14x Shields

  • Special [1,200pts]

    • Iron Daemon [250pts]

      Selections: Steam Cannonade
    • Iron Daemon [250pts]

    Selections: Steam Cannonade

    • Iron Daemon [280pts]

    Selections: Skullcracker [30pts]

    • K’Daai Fireborn [280pts]

    Selections: 6x K’Daai Fireborn [270pts], K’Daai Manburner [10pts]

    • Magma Cannon [140pts]

  • Rare [620pts]

    • Hellcannon [210pts]

    • Hellcannon [210pts]

    • Siege Giant [200pts]

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Nice work; the Khadron Overlords look a bit too ‘techy’ for Fantasy to me, but you’ve still managed to make them work well. Looking forward to seeing more from you :slight_smile:

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Very nice that you also came here to pay your respects to Hashut.

I am looking forward to many more photos and a lot of inspiration, also for my own project.

I can definitely see that and you are not alone with that thought. I like the models and wanted an excuse to convert them… scuba dwarfs seemed like the most adjacent I could try to pull off. The project honestly started with converting a single BioShock Big Daddy… and as the hobby usually does, it evolved into a much larger endeavor.


I hope to be more active here than I have been on the legacy site of late. I’ve been tied up trying to finish some old loose ends including Dreadfleet but there are a few projects I’m itching to return to.

Glad to see your blog back! I‘m looking forward to witnessing the further growth of this army.

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Before I start bombarding this thread with content from my old blog I figured I’d start with something new (to me). Dreadfleet’s Black Kraken has always been eye candy and more recently a source of inspiration for my army. Through the fickle (yet sometimes fortuitous) winds of eBay I’m happy to finally own a copy of the game and have this painted up.


Love it all! Great work! :smiley:

Great stuff! I wouldn’t mind if we got turned into CD pirates in AoS, that could be so cool… But who knows.
Superb blog stucture as well, I should do something similar when I get going as well. :+1:

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Oh yeah, maybe some kind of twisted Kharadron. Would make a lot of sense, actually. But would probably be too close to regular kharadron. :thinking:

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to transfer over to Discourse.

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Great clean paintjob and that wonderful mini, I always thought it was a shame they didn’t build on this for us (still could) so it’s great to see a blog like that has built up everything around such a good starting point

I’d also echo what tjub said about the blog setup, great idea, looking forward to more :vulcan_salute:t2:

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Time to start transferring over some of my old posts just for the sake of completeness. Apologies for the redundancy.

Whilst this wasn’t the first Chaos Dwarf miniature I owned, he was a fun kick off to my ambitions. I used him as a test model for basing and paint scheme as I switched over to Vallejo. As my first completed Dawi-Zharr it seemed appropriate to write a bit of background lore for him.