Plunder for the Ironclad Fleet [Jun 14 2024 - Deathcargot]

Happy holidays to all! Here lies all of the progress pics from my Zhanta gift to @Vapo

The miniature started as a Mage Knight Dwarf Axe Knight although his axe, helm, and apparently knees had been hacked off ages ago. The poor soul sat neglected in the bin for too long! The stone hammer was looted from another trashed mage knight.

The shark helmet was pure accident but after an errant pinch of the green stuff I elected to keep it! I was aiming for the Dark Souls Abyss Watchers helmet but had to stop in my tracks at Street Shark. Ended up covering up most of the old mini. Cloth and beard upgrades were desperately needed.

Don’t worry, this won’t be the last shark helm you see on this blog.