Plunder for the Ironclad Fleet [Jun 14 2024 - Deathcargot]

A little atypical here but a pile of Skaven slaves fell into my lap and I wanted to make use of the filthy little expendable rat-things as slaves for my Dawi-Zharr. What better place to throw them than in the mines or in the holds of slave galleys. Stay tuned for some background lore on their integration.

Skaven certainly present some fun opportunities for conversion and crossover of their haphazard primitive tech with the more infernal devices of the Chaos Dwarfs. One idea was incorporating gas mask heads to represent filtration of the pervasive ash and choking soot in the Dark Lands. In addition to the mining equipment I wanted to add some devices for catching or dealing with the various deadly creatures they might encounter.

I couldn’t resist the idea of a “standard bearer” carrying a nightlight for the scaredy-rats. Neither could I resist a warpstone jackhammer pogo stick riding slave.

The hand pump cart idea started off with just the lever rat but ended up turning into a sort of doom-flayer go-cart which I’m fine with. I leaned right into that skid with the lantern on flagpole and bar/windscreen. The rat in the mine cart was mostly because i ran out of legs and also since I find it suitably Skaven.