Plunder for the Ironclad Fleet [Jun 14 2024 - Deathcargot]

Long time no reave ya filthy landlubbers.

Domicile relocation, settling in, summer heat, and a serious painting slump have hit hard.

What better way to get cracking again than with Reaver’s Familiars 2: The Goo, the Mad, and the Tentacly. “Accidental” accumulation created this first batch: Contest prizes, a rogue Kickstarter, Old School Minis orders, and some doesn’t-want-to-paint sculpting energy.

First up, this very piratey hook monster by @ATOM with some @tjub rubble. (Highly recommend Tjubrubble for quick basing decoration). I went with a simple Kabutops scheme as that’s where my mind instantly traveled. 10/10 model and I think it will be very menacing towering over smaller familiars.

Two pickups from one of my few miniatures orders this year. An octopod and a bonus toxic monster that @oldschoolminis tossed in my box. I could’ve worked this slimy boy as a lava monster but I’ve trod that path so much I saw him as more of an oily tar demon almagamated from the goo of a Daemonsmith’s many creations. Imagine the cesspit of seepage beneath this piece of arsetistry.

@Oxymandias and @Zoddtheimmortal have pushed me into the chaotic undersea realm of square pants for some great familiar ideas. This is only the beginning of shameless repurposing… The other creature on the right is a land octopus from Elden Ring to accompany my other Fromsoft familiars lineup.

Lastly, I really enjoyed these Models from @G-or-G Kickstarter. Only good things to say. It was a seamless kickstarter, fast, and great quality. The models are fun to paint and quite characterful.