Plunder for the Ironclad Fleet [Jun 14 2024 - Deathcargot]

I’ve spent about 20 minutes so far, trying to spot all of the Admiralty Miniatures bits in your wonderful creations :thinking:
Damn, it’s harder than it sounds…I’ve lost count many times, changed my mind, discovered some cleverly hidden ones, and have come to the realization that your creativity is grander than my feeble attempt at counting.
These are superb!
I’m at a loss of words (and counting) for how much Hashut must love you, you mad mad Daemonsmith


Amazing unit! Truly a work of love and freewheeling creativity. The conversions are the work of a genius, nothing short of it. This regiment stands out even amongst all the wild ideas and mad creations on CDO. What a beautiful sight.

Also, great counting and guessing games!

From the pictures in this post I count:

6 dagger tail cancers.

4 Tjublings by @tjub (love the propeller hat, a homage to @Uther.the.unhinged ?).

2 ceramic bowls among the steampunk familiars.

1 big hat by @Fuggit_Khan on the octopirate.

So, 7 AM bits? :smiley:


High compliments from all. Thank you all very much. I’m glad you enjoy the equivalent of stream of consciousness hobbying.

@Admiral I think you only missed one particularly curvaceous @Fuggit_Khan hat and the littlest daggertail (admittedly not good pictures of the latter). Good eyes on the sneaky ceramics and the octo-hat which doesn’t have any dedicated new photos since it’s an older piece. On that note the sorcerer’s hat should also be counted. It’s a barely converted Fuggit Hat as well which I completely forgot about.

The micro daggertail and the curvy hat are very close to each other in fact!


Second update on the @oldschoolminis Lamassu. Made it through the priming and base-coating and I have to say I’m happy with the starting point. On to brushwork!

Here’s a link to an instagram time-lapse video of the airbrushing

The real key players here are @warcolours Flesh 5, translucent flesh, and translucent violet!


Wow. Such a brilliant, and completely whimsical collection of models. The daemonic steam hookah is awesome and hillarious! Loving this stuff. Inspiring, and makes me want to model some more crazy stuff!


As @oldschoolminis has shared here the mystical Lamassu has arrived. Overall quite pleased with the result and the palette of colors. Truly a stunning miniature befitting the holiest creature of Hashut.

I went straight to @Zoddtheimmortal ‘s realm for inspiration on the armor and dino-cape color. Not quite as daring in the color selection but I dipped a toe out of my comfy grey boat into the whimsical sea of zodd.

Enjoyed working the skin blends over large surface areas on a big model. A good change of pace from my recent efforts.

For anyone curious these are the colors used for the skin tone over a zenithal prime. @warcolours transparents do a lot of the heavy lifting both in airbrush and regular brush stages. (Farthest to the right bottle is a DIY black wash)


That source lighting is divine. Bravo. And gorgeous miniature to boot.


Divine bovine. Man this is awesome! Great model and superb paintjob!


Long time no reave ya filthy landlubbers.

Domicile relocation, settling in, summer heat, and a serious painting slump have hit hard.

What better way to get cracking again than with Reaver’s Familiars 2: The Goo, the Mad, and the Tentacly. “Accidental” accumulation created this first batch: Contest prizes, a rogue Kickstarter, Old School Minis orders, and some doesn’t-want-to-paint sculpting energy.

First up, this very piratey hook monster by @ATOM with some @tjub rubble. (Highly recommend Tjubrubble for quick basing decoration). I went with a simple Kabutops scheme as that’s where my mind instantly traveled. 10/10 model and I think it will be very menacing towering over smaller familiars.

Two pickups from one of my few miniatures orders this year. An octopod and a bonus toxic monster that @oldschoolminis tossed in my box. I could’ve worked this slimy boy as a lava monster but I’ve trod that path so much I saw him as more of an oily tar demon almagamated from the goo of a Daemonsmith’s many creations. Imagine the cesspit of seepage beneath this piece of arsetistry.

@Oxymandias and @Zoddtheimmortal have pushed me into the chaotic undersea realm of square pants for some great familiar ideas. This is only the beginning of shameless repurposing… The other creature on the right is a land octopus from Elden Ring to accompany my other Fromsoft familiars lineup.

Lastly, I really enjoyed these Models from @G-or-G Kickstarter. Only good things to say. It was a seamless kickstarter, fast, and great quality. The models are fun to paint and quite characterful.


Great pieces here as usual… :slight_smile:
Truly a blog/army of madness, love the odd additions like the hook monster!
Nice idea for the Tjubling as well, a broken statue fits the base well. :idea1:


I love to hear that, thanks for sharing & REALLY GREAT painting works!!!

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Love the hook monster the most, you may possibly be giving me some guidance there.
The seamless blending of colours in the octopus :octopus: is great.
The beast master and hounds are masterfully done too.

Keep going!

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Thanks all! Counts as 13 strong unit already, only 37 to go for a nice round 50.

Outside of the exquisite subtleties of grey, Transparent violet is my absolute go-to paint. Do you have a hook monster in your backlog? Seems like it would fit your style.

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Great additions!
But did the “oily tar demon” look on the photo as in reality? I’d imagine an oily effect having deep black and gloss. As it looks here, I would rather think of black/dark fur, like on a tiny yeti.

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I’m not particularly good at taking photos of black minis on black. I probably should’ve taken pictures of it separately from the octopus to tune the contrast for just that mini. It’s semi gloss but could benefit from leaving a gloss seal coat on it which if I do I usually do after pictures.

That said, I wish I could be bothered to stick with the idea enough to do oil spill iridescence on the whole thing but I quite frankly am lazy.

I think it might be a pre-release copy or something, the resin isn’t as smooth as other casts from osm. A bit grainy.

Blah blah excuses blah. In summary, you’re correct but I’ve convinced myself to not work on it anymore haha. To the back ranks go the garbage!

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Introducing my swivel gun team proxy with bits from @oldschoolminis and a mage knight gun. Taking lots of advice from @Zoddtheimmortal navigating my growing helms offshoot. I’m rather happy with how this fuses the old school vibe with my nautical obsession and a bit of steampunk. The mage knight bits and the pintle mount had been dedicated to a swivel gun bash for ages when the OSM tortuga and asscannon crew arrived.

This was really one of the fastest kitbashes from start of idea to completion. Although likely years ago I’m sure there are comments in my blog referring to weapon platforms on the back of creatures.

EDIT: (my memory is good, of course Zodd’s ideas are gold)

Painting was pretty speedy and definitely a scheme plundered from Zoddville to the best I can manage. I’m sure I’ll get more practice when boars invade my backlog.


Hahaha, oh this is, yet again, totally excellent!

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Love it! Totally unique swivel gun there (great painting). These kind of things should be in every chaos dwarf army-exudes character.

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One hell of model! Great work!! :spoon:


I haven’t been back to this thread for far too long!
One of a small handful of showcases on this forum that leave me speechless every time. I just don’t have words for that palanquin, I think that GH completely passed me by but it might be one of my favourite things on this whole site.