Plunder for the Ironclad Fleet [Jun 14 2024 - Deathcargot]

Love the rototiller war machine, especially the revised control panel at the rear! To the question of not enough chompy equipment to really chew up whatever comes in front of the machine… Perhaps a small dozer wedge at the front middle to push anything that hits between the gears/blades to the sides right back into the blades? …or perhaps getting run over, squooshed and flattened is damage enough.

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What is this? A unit of table ready hobgoblins that aren’t some proxy garbage I’ve dreamt up. Thanks to @Shef for sending these Battleforge models along! I definitely enjoyed painting them up. Went for a slight turnip theme which was something new for me. I see these as slightly more primitive hobs compared to any eventual Lost Kingdom mongobs, so I put my two Hob musicians in the back rank as overseers to get the unit size to 24.

Here’s the paltry WIP. The banner pole was bent, so I bent it more. The rat and mushrooms were leftover from a Red Bard Kickstarter and thus the turnip knight was born. I’m fresh outta gnoblar heads so the things carrier gnoblar got a turnip helm, and a spare shield to tie him into the unit.

Last little trash hoarder note. I use FDM printer boogers for mushrooms. Every time I do a filament change it retracts the filament out of the nozzle and gives me a little mushroom cap.


Great work on these mate!


They look amazing. The command group are full of character.good to see more gnobblars pressed into service

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Rootshut lives! Well done, Sir. Great paint scheme and execution. The tiny turnip riding the whatever that is, is my favorite. A mobile but martially aggressive snack for troops on the move.

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Now we just need a Rootshut army


Doubtlessly some @Antenor sculpts would need to be involved!

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Lovely work! Creative and full of character as always. Good grief, I really need to catch up on this blog. So much good stuff to drool over, so little time :smile:

which I duly read as




@Antenor, I may or may not be trying to mix your style with turnip already, haha


Instead of working on the Golden Hat or painting infantry I’ve gone back to my roots. Big ol warmachines with pipes and steam gubbinz…
Wait, this is neither steam, nor punk.

Well anywho, this will make a good addition to a helms contingent that just got an airdrop of boars from OSM, more to come on that soon.

Link to WIP for those interested in the parts composing this beast

This was a fun project from start to finish and brought some old parts out of the dusty cupboard. The two fellers riding it are just what the hippo ordered and I’m glad I waited around long enough to have the right dwarfs to go along for the ride.

I had to do some minor subassembly painting on this which I never find fun. But the pinning worked out great and it came together without too much hassle. (Aside from the hitch chains I don’t want to talk about.)

There are 17 eyes on this dam thing. Plenty of time spent lurking @Oxymandias blogs. I’m quite happy with the driftwood staff, which was quite easy to paint as the model was ripe with detail, but took some experimenting to get the color right.


Love the fish helms, where is the chariot from?


Simply glorious


Considering this is @Reaver, I am willing to bet it’s entirely self build with bionicle parts and random shit from around the house


Thanks all!

Kham is correct.

It started as a Mage Knight Black Powder Rebel War Wagon, but the wagon was mostly swapped for a bionicle part. I did keep the wheels though. Not too many changes to the front end, but I did some minor sculpting on the crew with whip as he lacked details.


In this edition of warmachines for the Ironclad Fleet, I present….

The utterly shameless theft of @flagellant04 ivory.

Changed… my life…

I think it’s a great color for the Sexturnt MacChorficum Trackterra-locomutor Spin-to-Win Whurlygiggle Elf-grindor.

Link to WIP

That is all…


Awesome work dude! :hatoff: Just love it! :beer:


Stolen and improved upon! Happy to have inspired!

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Can recommend this stuff for use overtop of ivory.

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That’s a good idea! I’ll have to get an order in…

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