Plunder for the Ironclad Fleet [Mar 16 2024 - A Machine for Pigs]

In honor of all the recent seafaring Dawi-Zharr, here are my 90% WIPs of the Skullkraken! Thanks to Forgeworld’s wheel shipping mishap I still had a chassis leftover. Due to its scarcity I had pretty much written off getting the real skullcracker so it was a sensible choice to kitbash. Armed with only a bad pun for a name I’ve been slowly gluing pieces together hoping to arrive at my rough vision.

The main boiler slash kraken head was a mall vending machine toy Yoda carrying capsule and the auxiliary pressure vessel “eyes” were more tabletop clock bits capped with Battle for Skull Pass mine cart wheels and old edition Dark Eldar gun bits for levered steam control vents.

Fitting together the plasticard and bits for the furnace door and crew area was probably the most frustrating and rewarding part of the build.

Ork Killa Kan bits provided a lot of saw blades and claws while the Maulerfiend tentacles were the only real bits purchase made specifically for this project. Those still need a bit of tweaking to get them positioned but they’re pinned for now until I go through the process of adding a countless number of rivets to the plain areas.

I spent a disproportionate amount of time fiddling with the bevel gear to chain drive for the front saw blade maw considering how difficult it will be to peer underneath but once I started I couldn’t let go of the idea. Had to mess with the wheelbase and axle height to get this thing looking more like a Skullcracker.

Some green stuffing left to do to clean up the crew, but at least the mechanical bird has a hat. I saved one of my favorite Dawi, the Hellcannon shoveler for this purpose because his helmet looks cephalopod-esque. Also, slowly tying in Kharadron bits across my army, mostly due to stealing the head and arm for my sorcerer.