Plunder for the Ironclad Fleet [Mar 16 2024 - A Machine for Pigs]

Here’s an early stage WIP for my K’Daai Destroyer that I’ve been stewing on for quite some time. Really wanted to take this in a different direction than most I’ve seen but still pay homage to the wealth of great conversions and concepts this community has displayed. Still have to mull over my grandiose plans to cover lots of the shell with molten cracking effects, masking the FDM print lines.

Sifted through many different sea creatures in my head trying to land on a good starting point. Giant turtle, giant jellyfish, and giant crab began as the frontrunners. I’ve seen crab Khorne themed Chaos Defilers but when I saw the GW Lord Discordant for Chaos Space Marines the legs in particular reminded me of concept art for the destroyer.

So far a lot of the work and waffling has been spent tinkering on the face. I got a used pre-assembled Lord Discordant on eBay which was great since I was going to hack it up anyway but it did present challenges trying to integrate the gear maw. I’m going to come back and replace some of the tendrils I needed to cut away but I’m finally happy with the starting point.